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Written Versus Not Written Stuff: COVID-19, Muslims & Islamic Perspectives

Originally posted on The Human Lens:
Part II, By Papatia Feauxzar Bismillah, Islamic History tell us of many teachings to take away when facing a plague. The first and widely known hadith from our Prophet (ﷺ) said, “If you hear…

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Written Vs.Not Written Stuff: Opposing Education For Muslim Women and Girls Part II

Originally posted on The Human Lens:
Collab Part II: By Papatia Feauxzar In part I, my co-author spoke to length about the miseducation of the Muslim woman when education has always been an Islamic right for both men and women.…

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“Mommy, Who Is Allah? Al-Khaliq” Has Been Translated!

“Alhamdulillah, “Mommy, Who Is Allah?” is now, translated into Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, German, French and Turkish. Subhanah Allah, I’m so excited that children around the world will begin learning about Allah in a simple manner. I hope they will find … Continue reading

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Review—Communicating with Allah by Bassem Saeh

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Review—The New Muslim’s Field Guide by Theresa Corbin and Kaighla Um Dayo

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Beloveds & Disagreeing Beloveds

Assalamu aleikum dear bloggers, Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu aleihi wassalam) said: “Souls are like crowds which gather together. The ones who met before get along well. The ones who did not meet before, cannot get along very well and separate.” (Bukhari, Anbiya, … Continue reading

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15 Beautiful Churches and Synagogues in Muslim Countries You Should Know About

From the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to his rightly guided Caliphs to the Ottoman empire, the tradition of coexistence with other faiths has been passed down from generation to generation to these days. The idea that non-Muslims living … Continue reading

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Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work — Hayati Magazine

Assalamu aleikum, I stumbled on a manual I used during counseling class before I got married, and thought I would share some of the wisdom I learned in this class with you insha’Allah. They are based on John M. Gottman’s … Continue reading

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Zulaykha : Wife of Prophet Yusuf (AS) — Hayati Magazine

Zulaykha is the beautiful and infamous Egyptian socialite who tried to seduce Prophet Joseph also known as Yusuf (AS). So who was she besides that? A loving landlady Her first husband was Potiphar. And it was him who bought Yusuf … Continue reading

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The Duties of the Son-in-Law


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Riding the Samoosa Express: Personal Narratives of Marriage and Beyond

Riding the Samoosa Express is a metaphor to refer to the process of courtship, love, marriage and beyond. It’s a well written tale sampling the diversity and the different faces the Indian Muslim women contributors experienced. These personal narratives range … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
Let me tell you the story of this bracelet. I went to a department store a few months ago looking for a yellow plaid long sleeve shirt. I combed the store for this shirt…

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I Had a Dream!

Originally posted on Between Sisters, SVP!:
? I Had a Dream! (Non-fiction Story-Personal Experience) ? In my family, the people that have premonitory dreams like in Normal Calm are my folks from my mother side. My sister and my mother also…

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An Interview with Author Nasheed Jaxson of Her Justice

Assalamu aleikum! I hope this finds you well :). I stepped out of my confort zone here…Please read insha’Allah! http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/marriage-relationship/an-interview-with-author-nasheed-jaxson-of-her-justice/ Jzk, Papatia Feauxzar

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We Pray For 4000 years or So Sometimes!

I was watching an Islamic show with the hubby a few days ago on a foreign channel and he related a story for me because I don’t fully understand his language. So the story goes that one day Djibril prayed … Continue reading

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Hazrat Ali (Radi allahu anhu)

Bidat is inherent in the ummah these days, whether you’re sunni or shia. We all rationalize our actions to do many things. Using our intentions and our unshaken faith in HIM as last resort to get away with it. Around … Continue reading

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How I Came to Wear Hijab at Corporate America

Bismillah, http://hayatimagazine.com/faith/how-i-came-to-wear-hijab-at-corporate-america/ *** As a general rule, I know that everything in my life will be a challenge except for school. I understood everything the teachers explained on the first lesson when it came to education. But in real life, … Continue reading

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Why I like Ramadhan When Days Are Longer

Assalamu aleikum 🙂 , I hope Ramadhan started well for you dear bloggers. May He make it easy on all of us, ameen. http://hayatimagazine.com/faith/why-i-like-ramadhan-when-days-are-longer/ JazakAllah khair for reading, Papatia Feauxzar

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The Cursed Bride (15)

Assalamu aleikum, Ramadan kareem! Ramadhan mubarak! I wish you a blessed one with a lot of religious discoveries 🙂 ameen! http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/the-cursed-bride-15/ *** Marguerite Panier is The Cursed Bride. A serial widow, she faces challenges while trying to get rid of … Continue reading

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Kader Allah

Assalamu aleikum, Since it’s still Saturday morning here, Jumah Mabarak! 🙂 http://hayatimagazine.com/living/kader-allah/ Jazak’Allah khair, Papatia Feauxzar

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