We Pray For 4000 years or So Sometimes!


I was watching an Islamic show with the hubby a few days ago on a foreign channel and he related a story for me because I don’t fully understand his language. So the story goes that one day Djibril prayed for 4000 years of the Akhiret time. And when he finished, he asked Allah if anybody has ever worshiped HIM, Allah, for that amount of time. Allah replied in the affirmative and added that in the future His servants who while praying get distracted but carry on with the act of praying would have been on the same level because they fought their nafs who made them wonder, ”Shoot! How many rakats did I just do?”

That made me smile and praise His name more. Why? Because sometimes no matter how focused I try to be in salat, my mind wonders off and I feel sad that I did a poor job performing my salat. Subhanallah, may Allah accept all our prayers and forgive our distractions during praying, ameen! I mean we pray more than our lifetime on this earth! 🙂

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Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. You can visit her website at www.djarabikitabs.com or her sister's website www.fofkys.com
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14 Responses to We Pray For 4000 years or So Sometimes!

  1. revels1 says:

    That was such an inspiring post! I feel so guilty about my salah but it’s always lovely to hear how Allah is so forgiving and so lovely. Subhanallah 🙂

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    • Papatia says:

      Right sister?! Allah is the Merciful. Oh btw, Ihaven’t forgot about you and the manaqib story. I have been under the weather (my 2 babies got me sick) smh lol!

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      • revels1 says:

        Aww you’re so sweet 🙂 it’s okay, we tend to have busy lives outside the blog world 😀 I’m actually going through the same thing. Someone asked me for some links and I haven’t been able to give them because of, well, life 😛

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  2. khansana1000 says:

    very inspiring! I always have guilty feeling of my mind wandering off during my prayers! May Allah accept our prayers!

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  3. anchorkeidi says:

    Truly encouraging to read this 😀

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  4. Maryamabidat says:

    Assalmu Alaikum, may I nominate you for the Liebster and Lovely Blog Award? I hope you enjoy, please pass the love by following this link https://thebeautifuldeen.wordpress.com/. JazzakAllah kheir

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  5. Subhan’Allah! Thank you for sharing this with us sis! That is simply amazing!

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