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Pants for a Muslimah?

Bismilah, Here is a touchy subject around the globe ;). Can a Muslim woman wear pants? Hmmm…..So pants? or only dresses and skirts?       Well it depends on many things. Personally, I don’t wear pants outside the comfort … Continue reading

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Jumah Mubarak!

Assalamu aleikum bloggers! 🙂  Jumah Mubarak! Papatia Feauxzar

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Nuptial Night

Nuptial Night.

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12 Tips For Parents:Talking To Your Kids About Sex

A must read! 🙂

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Ashura Mubarak! :)

(Photo credit : Assalamu aleikum dear Ummah, Ashura Mubarak! 🙂 May HE grant us Jannah, accepts our dwas, acts of ibadats, and fasts, amiin. I apologize for not blogging lately as in the past… We had a new addition … Continue reading

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