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Should You be an Intern or Work for Free? — Hayati Magazine

In this digital age, almost everyone wants to be seen and go viral, especially every business. To what end though? Is it related to narcissism to strike the ego or is it to actually to provide something that the audience … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Tips Part 6

Bismillah, Mastering personal finance also has a lot to do with fostering good vibes, good manners, smelling nice and dressing well. Today, I have a small list for you. It will be short and sweet. 1. Pay attention to the … Continue reading

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To Get a Marriage License or Not to Get One?

Bismillah, Many Muslim couples wonder if they should get a secular marriage license in addition to their Islamic marriage contract. To answer this question we need to realize that it’s a case by case issue. I have seen many scenarios … Continue reading

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Meet barhoom Brand : The First Modest Styling Service For All Women — Hayati Magazine

OHIO – A new clothing company, barhoom Brand, becomes the first styling company to accommodate both the needs of Muslim and non-Muslim women who seek modest clothing. It’s ground breaking. barhoom Brand launched April 11th, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. His … Continue reading

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Bismillah, We marry for different reasons; looks, money, deen, romantic attraction, physical attraction, sexual attraction, etc. While there are good and bad consequences to each of our choices, it’s important to note that some of the choices we make such … Continue reading

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15 Beautiful Churches and Synagogues in Muslim Countries You Should Know About

From the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to his rightly guided Caliphs to the Ottoman empire, the tradition of coexistence with other faiths has been passed down from generation to generation to these days. The idea that non-Muslims living … Continue reading

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Meet The Three Doctors Who Put Their Lives On The Line To Help In Syria — Hayati Magazine

The civil war in Syria is devastating but I have hope of a better tomorrow because History reassures me. Many other people have hope and they include three brave Doctors of Chicago; John Kahler, Zaher Sahloul, and Samer Attar. Recently … Continue reading

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Illuminating the Blackness : Blacks and African Muslims in Brazil by Habeeb Akande — Hayati Magazine

Illuminating the Blackness : Blacks and African Muslims in Brazil by Habeeb Akande is an account from a British Historian from Nigerian descent who did an extensive research on the contribution of Africans in the spread of Islam amongst other … Continue reading

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Your Relationship Needs The A²

Assalamu aleikum, Please read my latest post at Hayati Magazine or here 🙂 insha’Allah. *** A good relationship needs The A² . What is The A²? It’s short for The Avenger and The Answerer. Nerdy right? I know! So, we … Continue reading

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Are You Realistic About What A Real Relationship Is About?

Bismillah. Are you realistic about what a real relationship is about? You probably don’t know the answer so let me help you. A relationship isn’t supposed to be a nice breeze but why do many people think so? Nothing in life … Continue reading

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Unreasonable Spouse? Try These Tips!

Assalamu aleikum, Bismillah. Before we get into the tips, I need to define an unreasonable spouse. An unreasonable spouse is a spouse that makes everything difficult just because they get a kick out of it and because they can … Continue reading

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In Honor of Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, meet Mrs. Karimah Grayson. She is “… a Muslim American author. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Karimah resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The love of water and the beautiful blue skies keeps her loving the Sunshine … Continue reading

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Single & Searching? We Got You Covered!

Meet Zara J. She has cool tips that could help you find the one with two good questions you might be asking yourself in your quest for love at last. Read on!   I.CONSISTENT OR CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT? No one likes … Continue reading

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Why Do We Decide To Forgive Our Spouses?

Jumah Mubarak! 🙂 *** Bismillah, You know what’s ageless? A fight between a couple. It never gets old. You’ll always argue about something. After the hurtful words and deep wounds we inflict upon each other, we go through a … Continue reading

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Love in Ramadan by Tohib Adejumo

Assalamu aleikum wordpress family, NANO is kicking my butt so you see me less here. Insha’Allah, I’ll pull 50k words. Keep me in your prayers and good vibes, amiin. I’ll get on some of the awards you presented me with … Continue reading

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I Had a Dream!

Originally posted on Between Sisters, SVP!:
? I Had a Dream! (Non-fiction Story-Personal Experience) ? In my family, the people that have premonitory dreams like in Normal Calm are my folks from my mother side. My sister and my mother also…

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Woman Announces Her Husband Is Taking Second Wife

Woman Announces Her Husband Is Taking Second Wife Source: Woman Announces Her Husband Is Taking Second Wife

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How I Came to Wear Hijab at Corporate America

Bismillah, *** As a general rule, I know that everything in my life will be a challenge except for school. I understood everything the teachers explained on the first lesson when it came to education. But in real life, … Continue reading

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Muharram Mubarak! :)

Happy New Year to all ! 🙂 I also think Zhul-Hijja has its merits, too. Many more mubarak years to all of us insha’Allah, amiin. Source: Muharram Mubarak! 🙂 Assalamu aleikum! Happy New Year Ummah! May Allah give us next … Continue reading

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Because of #AllLivesMatter, We’re Moving to a Muslim Country Insha’Allah!

Assalamu aleikum! Muharram Mubarak ummah 🙂 Below is my latest post on Hayati. I’ll get on those awards you sent my way soon insha’Allah. Muah! Love y’all. *** A couple of weeks ago, I was eating at a restaurant … Continue reading

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