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Your Relationship Needs The A²

Assalamu aleikum, Please read my latest post at Hayati Magazine or here 🙂 insha’Allah. *** A good relationship needs The A² . What is The A²? It’s short for The Avenger and The Answerer. Nerdy right? I know! So, we … Continue reading

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The White Elephant – A Review — Hayati Magazine

The White Elephant is a must read for anyone contemplating the idea of marriage or anyone going through a divorce. As the Love and Relationship Editor for Hayati Magazine, I try to counsel married and non-married folks on the institution … Continue reading

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The One – A Children’s Book Review

Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
Author:  Manaal Jafrey-Razaque Illustrator : Tanya Emelyanova Publisher : Prolance What will it accomplish? Pious Muslim children who will exhibit taqwa insha’Allah Summary: The One is a fun-to-read, rhyming storybook about Allah that touches upon fundamentals…

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Goodreads’ Book Giveaway For BLOOM

Assalamu aleikum, If you live in the USA, here is your chance to enter a book giveaway for a collection of three of my sultry reads. Goodreads Book Giveaway BLOOM by Papatia Feauxzar Giveaway ends October 15, 2016. See the … Continue reading

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Sambè Sambè 2016 (Eid Mubarak 1437)

Assalamu aleikum ummah, In Mandé which is the main classification of my tribe, we add ‘Sambè Sambè’ after wishing you a happy Eid. There are two more specific classifications of my tribe but I won’t disclose that today  ( Mandé > ? > … Continue reading

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Arafat Mubarak!

Originally posted on Between Sisters, SVP!:
Assalamu aleikum ummah, I hope it’s not too late to wish you a great Arafat. May Allah accept our fast and acts of ibadat, amiin. I remember the old days when we used to…

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Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Rio Paralympic Games is the next wave of Olympics in Brazil this year. The games began on September 7th and will end on September 18th. Not really advertised like the main Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games started in an effort … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Tips Part 3 — Hayati Magazine

Bismillah, Thank you for tuning back in for more Personal Finance Tips. I have five tips this time around. So here we go. 1.Decrease your recurring expenses Your recurring expenses can include rent, food, utilities, etc. Try to find ways … Continue reading

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Writing Tips and Some

There are many things you will read online about writing or even blogging but what these tips don’t always tell you is what I’m about to share with you. This is all by trial and error by the way. #1 … Continue reading

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#RioRecap : Is Dalilah Muhammad Less Muslim Because of Her Choice Of Clothes?

In French, they say ‘L’habit ne fait pas le moine’. It means, ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’. If you translate it literally, you get ‘Your clothing doesn’t make you a monk’. I like this version better because … Continue reading

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L’Américaine – Part 9 — Hayati Magazine (French & English) (La Fin! The End!)

Femta Compaoré est une mère célibataire qui tente de divorcer de son premier mari Obê quand Uthman entre dans sa vie à un point où elle croit qu’elle n’a plus d’espace dans son cœur pour l’amour. Lisez sur Amazon en … Continue reading

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Moon Wars…Welcome!

Assalamu aleikum dear ummah and bloggers, Zhul Hijja Mubarak. This year Eid-al-Adha will be around September 11th or 12th. See picture below…                 All jokes asides, if you want to know more about … Continue reading

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