Muslim Fiction Chat – Please Join Us Tonight 8 PM EST

Assalamu aleikum dear bloggers and readers,

Long time no heartfelt talk. Soon insha’Allah. In the meantime,  please join us tonight for another Muslim Fiction Chat. Non-Muslim also invited as it pertains to Diverse Books as well.


See you there insha’Allah!



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Hind’s Hands – A Review

A Ducktrinor Mom

hinds-handsAuthors : Umm Juwayriyah and Juwayriyah Ayed

Illustrator : Emma Apple

Publisher : As Sabr Publications

What to expect: A patient family dealing a member who has a challenging disaility

Summary: From bestselling author and educator Umm Juwayriyah — a story told by a big sister who learns coping skills to befriend and lead her autistic younger sister. “You see, my sister Hind has Autism. And I know that sounds like a really big word, but it’s not. Autism just means that Allah made her to learn and act and think differently than other kids her age.” In the story Hind’s Hands, big sister Juwayriyah learns just how special her younger sister is, despite the challenging behaviors that she often has to deal with. Author Umm Juwayriyah collaborates with her oldest daughter, Juwayriyah Ayed on this book to help spread awareness about Autism.

Our Thoughts: It’s a challenge…

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Jannah Jewels – Book 2 Review

A Ducktrinor Mom

jannah-jewels-2Author:  Umm Nura

Illustrator : Nayzak Al-Hilali

Publisher : Gentle Breeze Books

What to expect: Strong Muslim Girls, Packed Action, Adventure, and Lost Islamic History

Summary: In the second book of the Jannah Jewels Series, the girls are caught and thrown aboard the ship of Zheng He, the famous Chinese Muslim Admiral. Caught in a lightning thunderstorm, they must sail in raging waters to retrieve a rare medicine plant. Can the Jannah Jewels escape the fiery arrows of pirates and make it safely back home?

Our thoughts: This one is also a page turner and the Jannah Jewels meet their antagonist finally; Jaffar. The Chase in China is very exciting and the girls grow to be even more fierce. Jaffar shows himself to be rash, impatient, ill-tempered, and a bully. But the girls are up to the challenge.

Look out for book 3’s review in the series insha’Allah.

Our Rating:…

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The Princess and the Good Deed – A Review

A Ducktrinor Mom


Authors: Umm Juwayriyah & Juwayriyah Ayed

Illustrator : F.A.Ibrahim

Publisher : As Sabr Publications

What to expect: ‘an original Islamic fairy tale of kindness, friendship, and animal rights!’

Our Thoughts: The Princess and the Good Deed is a lovely book about being charitable and expecting our rewards from the Creator. It will teach children to have manners, to be charitable toward humans, animals, and the environment. It also gives a good sense of community involvement. In all, it also shows the elegance of Princess Juwayriyah.

Our Rating : 4/5

Buy on Amazon here.


Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

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Jannah Jewels – Book 1 Review

A Ducktrinor Mom

jannah-jewelsAuthor:  Umm Nura

Illustrator : Nayzak Al-Hilali

Publisher : Gentle Breeze Books

What to expect: Strong Muslim Girls, Packed Action, Adventure, and Lost Islamic History

Summary: The Jannah Jewels land in the ancient city of Timbuktu in Mali. Suddenly, they are caught in the middle of a mystery. Someone has stolen a priceless manuscript! While following clues, they find the Grand Mosque and discover the Treasure King. Who exactly is the Treasure King and can the Jannah Jewels restore the missing manuscript into a Golden Clock before time runs out?

Our thoughts:The Treasure of Timbuktu is a page turner that entertains readers (young and old) as it sheds lost Islamic history with them.

The main characters include Hidayah, Jaide, Iman, and Sara.

Hidayah can be called the lead of the group. She has good vision and a strong sense of spirituality that helps her guide the Jannah Jewels…

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The Beauty of My Hijab

A Ducktrinor Mom

the-beauty-of-my-hijabAuthor and Illustrator:  Fatimah Ashaela Moore Ibrahim

Publisher : Aakifah Multimedia and Mindworks Publishing

What to expect: A poetic empowering message

Summary: This is a special book that shows the beauty of covering by drawing comparisons to things that are cherished and valued all around us, especially in nature. Girls see how they are valued, cherished, protected and beautiful through the fluid poetic verses and captivating illustrations. This book is a must have for all Muslim girls and is also a great learning and teaching tool for people of all faiths and creeds. For girls of all ages.

Our Thoughts: We’ve read many books on the rewards and benefits of wearing hijab. Some were cliche in the way they presented hijab to the young mumina. This one was different. Even though it used elements of nature to pass the message, we didn’t feel the objectification tasteless. It was empowering…

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Prominent Americans of Foreign Descent Who Make America Great


greatPresident Trump has tried and still trying to put a visa ban on 7 Muslim dominated countries which are Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Sudan and Lybia.  Priority will be given to the minority faiths constituents of these countries.

We can all agree that family dynamics in the US are VERY complex. Some families have Jews, Christians, Muslims, and non-denominational members in their mix and such measures and restrictions like visa ban would split families, friends, and relatives. A religious test is not acceptable. It goes against the inherent values of the country.

Even the poem inscribed on The Statue of Liberty states:

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

What has been happening since Trump reached the White House suggests that he doesn’t know the US history well perhaps. The origin of USA inhabitants is so broad and even surprising at times. In fact, many prominent and successful US figures were originally immigrants or descendants from the very countries he aimed to put a visa ban on.  These people made and still make America great again and again. America thrives on their contributions and inventions.

So check out these US prominent figures we gathered for you.

 The late Steve Jobs

Co-founder of Apple Inc, Jobs’ father Abdulfattah Jandali was a Syrian immigrant. Nowadays, Apple is a multi-billion revenue worldwide company. Every year, Apple fans impatiently await the latest model of phones and electronics. They even stay in line for hours just to acquire them. Wouldn’t you say, it would have been somewhat different for Apple users if Jobs’ father hadn’t emigrated from Syria?

Hamidi Ulukaya

Of Turkish citizenship, Ulukaya’s company, Chobani is the most popular Greek yogurt brand in America! Valued at about $2 billion, Chobani fly off the shelf. I know because my sister buys them on a regular basis. She loves the packaging and the different flavors.

To continue, Hamdi Ulukaya is the CEO and owner of Chobani.  He is also very generous because on top of paying his employees, he also gives them extra benefits. Read more on the philanthropist here because this is what I call making America great; spreading goodness.

Abdullah Hammoud

Hammoud is a Democrat and the first Arab American Muslim to win a seat in the State House of Representatives in Dearborn, Michigan. Congress is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. While there are only 100 senators, 2 per state, there are 435 House of Representatives and the population of each state plays in the number of these representatives. Dearborn, Michigan being a state with a high numbers of Muslims, it’s groundbreaking and amazing that the citizens in that state now have a voice via his election. Kudos to him!

Tariq Farid

Founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements, Farid is a Pakistani immigrant who became naturalized in 1986. Edible Arrangements are crafty fresh fruits arrangements. Recipients of his invention get a bouquet of fresh fruits. He started his business in 1999 with a $5,000 investment and today his company beloved by foodies worldwide is estimated at $480 million. You can read more on him here.

Saadia Faruqi

Faruqi is a Pakistani-American Muslim author of the acclaimed short story collection “ Brick Walls: Tales of Hope & Courage from Pakistan”. Born in Karachi, Pakistan she is also an interfaith activist who trains a wide group of people including police personnel on Cultural Sensitivity. Her efforts are have been lauded and we definitely need more people like her especially in these times. She lives in Houston, Texas with her family.

Fayez Sarofim

Also having ties with Texas, Sarofim is a co-owner of the NFL’s Houston Texans. Originally from Egypt, he became a US citizen in 1961. He is a wealthy fund manager from aristocratic roots. To end here, American football would have been different without his contribution.

Shahid Khan

Owner of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, Khan emigrated from Pakistan when he was 16 years old and did a lot of small jobs before making it to the top, Today, the billionaire contributes to America’s number one sport too; American Football. The NFL generates a lot of revenue and is a favorite pass time for a great American majority.

My article was originally published at AboutIslam here.

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Bismillah Little Leyla – A Review

A Ducktrinor Mom


bismillah-little-leyla-launch-posterAuthor: Qura Abid  is a second generation Muslim-American, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and a mother of an incredible energetic toddler. Read more about her here.

Illustrator: Mona Ismail

Publisher: Prolance

Summary: Mommy and daddy are so proud! Little Leyla knows so much now. Join Leyla as she goes through her day and scores big goals! Leyla knows we start everything with Bismillah to show that we know Allah is watching and waiting to help. Leyla knows and we should know too, Say Bismillah and Allah will always help you!

Bismillah Little Leyla is the second children’s book that I came across which teaches young Muslim children the benefits and rewards of praising the Creator before we start anything.

Leyla turns out to be a happy young Muslim girl. She is also outgoing and playful. In all that, she remembers her parents’ advice to utter…

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What Am I ? – FREE For Five Days

A Ducktrinor Mom


Assalamu aleikum,

My first children’s book‘What Am I?’ is out! Alhamdullilah.

The direct link is

– Click to buy at no cost to you with ‘1 click’ once on Amazon.

The paperback on the other hand is not free so make sure you pick eBook for a freebie.

– If you live in a country or zone where the title is not available, please change your address to a USA address and your country to USA. Then, you can download the story. When you are done, you can change your address back to your actual address.

– If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app for your device.

  • You can read here on amazon’s cloud here

– Please tell a friend!

Jazak’Allah khair for peaking here and supporting the work. Please leave a review.

Papatia Feauxzar

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15 Beautiful Churches and Synagogues in Muslim Countries You Should Know About

From the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to his rightly guided Caliphs to the Ottoman empire, the tradition of coexistence with other faiths has been passed down from generation to generation to these days. The idea that non-Muslims living in predominantly Muslims countries are persecuted is far from the truth. In fact, many non-Muslim……

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Meet The Three Doctors Who Put Their Lives On The Line To Help In Syria — Hayati Magazine

The civil war in Syria is devastating but I have hope of a better tomorrow because History reassures me. Many other people have hope and they include three brave Doctors of Chicago; John Kahler, Zaher Sahloul, and Samer Attar. Recently named Chicagoans of the Year 2016, they are also called The Combat Doctors who know……

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Eight Children Books I Recommend

A Ducktrinor Mom


Build Your Arabic Vocabulary series is by Dr. Alia Khaled .The series is composed of four books : Arabic Letters, Arabic Numbers, Colors in Arabic, and Shapes in Arabic.

The One is a 32 page children’s book in The Fundamental Series of Author Manaal Jafrey-Razaque. It’s definitely about fundamental education to inculcate to our Muslim children the presence of Allah even if they don’t see Him. The book strives to show children that the signs of the Creator are all around us and that is enough to take heed and believe in His ubiquitous presence.

I’m so angry : In the Gulzar’s home, life is beautiful. Huthayfah wants to go to the park alone but wise Mommy wants to bring the whole bunch on this trip and after she is at a good stopping point with her daily homeschooling activities in the house.

I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere is…

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Martin Luther King Day: A Timeless Dream To Keep Alive

Assalamu aleikum, 🙂

Read on MVSLIM insha’Allah here.


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Assalamu aleikum dear African readers,


My books are now available at OKADABOOKS  in Nigeria via the app alhamdullilah. Please spread the word to help a sister out :).

See the list of the books I have out there here. Africa here I come!




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Cure Your Was’was & Weh’m Forever – A Review


Assalamu aleikum dear bloggers and readers!

Long time with no real chat with y’all. Praying that all is well with you insha’Allah. Ameen.

It has been hectic and I’m sure you’ve noticed and you have your own issues too ;). I just reviewed a book about satanic whispers and OCD.

Please check it out here or below!


Cure Your Was’was & Weh’m Forever by Hassan Khalid is a manual I think those suffering from Obessesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and satanic whispers will find helpful insha’Allah.

The book is about 150 pages and is composed of five chapters. Brother Khalid also has online courses available here. Both (the book and the course) are at affordable prices in my opinion based on the insight and knowledge they provide masha’Allah.

Chapter 1 covers the Introduction and details the Quranic and science perspective of Was’was. The chapter ends with the link made by the author between OCD and Was’was (satanic whispers) which undermine the productivity of many people on a daily basis.

To continue, chapter 2 deals with the Symptoms of Was’was in six scenarios which are:

– During salaat

– While making ablutions or wudu

– Blasphemous thoughts that often occur in our thinking

– The war Iblis declared on mankind

– Feelings of being constantly unclean

– and While dreaming.

In addition to that, chapter 3 depicts Compulsions We Do when afflicted with Was’Was while chapter 4 lays the Remedies available to Cure Was’Was.

Finally, in chapter 5, the author provides authentic hadiths and authentic duas to help with Was’was.

If you know anybody who is in need of this book, please don’t hesitate to share the review and link to Cure Your Was’was & Weh’m Forever and its courses with them insha’Allah. May Allah reward Author Khalid for taking the time and effort to help the ummah in need, amiin.

He has gained a lot of support and positive reviews you can read on his website insha’Allah.

Rating: 4/5

Jazakh’Allah khair for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar

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Illuminating the Blackness : Blacks and African Muslims in Brazil by Habeeb Akande — Hayati Magazine

Illuminating the Blackness : Blacks and African Muslims in Brazil by Habeeb Akande is an account from a British Historian from Nigerian descent who did an extensive research on the contribution of Africans in the spread of Islam amongst other things in a country where the population of Blacks is the highest in the world……

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A Cat and Mouse Pact – A Review

A Ducktrinor Mom

A Cat and Mouse Pact


Author: Nayera Salam

Nayera Salam has a Master’s degree in Education from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, and more than thirty years teaching experience. She is now retired and lives in Atlanta with her husband. She has two children and is the proud grandmother of two granddaughters.

Illustrator: Teresa Abboud

Teresa Abboud is a Georgia-based illustrator and a 2D animator.  She graduated from the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts. She grew up in Lebanon in an artistic environment, in an atmosphere of integrity and disorder, war and liberty.  Teresa’s art reflects her inner feelings. Her esthetic choices come directly from this atmosphere that marked her childhood.  Teresa wants to tell stories, share feelings, express ideas, and transmit emotions through her art.

Publisher : Prolance

Summary: When Matt, the orange tabby cat, sees Millie, the little gray mouse, he can’t decide between being mean or nice. After all, he must catch…

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Sadeeqi 3 – A Review

A Ducktrinor Mom

sadeeqi-3-picAuthors:  The 3rd year female students of Darul Khair – Madrassah Aisha Siddiqah

Description: Darul Khair- Madrassah Aishah Siddiqah is a South African Islamic school whose third year students decided to write fun Islamic activity books to raise money to get books for their library.

This title ‘brings you yet another exciting, stimulating Islamic activity book. It will keep your child occupied while immersing them in wonderful activities. It is a fun Islamic alternative to other less than savoury sources of entertainment, like television etc. and an interesting source of both secular and Islamic Knowledge. It appeals to children with activities like spot the differences, crosswords, mazes and colour-ins…’

Price: R 20.00 or $1.50

Age: 8 years old +

Review: Sadeeqi 3 is a 40 page activity book with a plethora of activities for Muslim children. For instance, it includes insightful stories, coloring pages, some enigma cases…

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Work at Home Worries



Since I can remember, I have met a couple of men (uncles and friends from Africa) who think that women should only stay home and not have a job out of the house. Of course, this opinion never sat well with me. The ironic thing is people with that mentality always crossed my path.  My husband and I had different views on the matter but thankfully this was a good fight I decided I would fight until I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I normally pick my battles to stay realistic and practical. This one was MINE insha’Allah!

So it was a subject we avoided discussing because every mention from my part to make him see my point of view would go nowhere. It was a tantrum free debate I assure you not like in my made up story ‘Mistress of the Spices’. The characters have been dramatized a bit for entertainment. I tried to put myself in his shoes. The women from his culture don’t work and are FULLY provided for. Who doesn’t want that? This girl *laughs*. Working gives me a sense of purpose.

Anyways, I put it in prayers and worried about finding work from home after a baby came into the picture. He didn’t see any issue with me working in the meantime. Besides I was independent in his eyes. When the baby came into the picture three years into the marriage, my worries reached the ceiling. I had three months off for maternity leave to decide what I was going to do; return to work or quit after my 90 days’ rest. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I continued praying. My family came to help me for a few months alhamdullilah so that gave me time to reach a decision.

In the meantime, my husband assumed I was working from home with VPN and I let him believe that because it was a white lie. It was true to some point. My story ‘Oblivion’ is inspired on that. However, it became hard for me to leave the baby with anyone (family members and daycare); separation issues. Almost a year after the arrival of the baby, I had done a lot of gymnastics between work, home, and the daycare. This left me tired, sloppy, forgetful, remorseful, and ambivalent.

I began considering the idea of finding an accounting job 100% from home which is very hard to find. I prayed and asked around. Finally, a co-worker mentioned a company I should try. I applied there and quit my loving job (The environment at work was becoming hard to manage too). About six months went by and finally my prayers were answered; an accounting job from home from that company I had my eyes set on. Alhamdullilah.

It took me a couple months to tell my husband. I actually didn’t tell him. I just took him to my company events at really nice venues that we would have never spent money to attend ourselves. Not that we can’t afford them, it is just because we like to live way below our means; #frugals. So in the end, I kept pushing the envelope until he accepted my wish to work. Alhamdullilah.

Now my worries include keeping the job long term because it could be downsized and no one sees the future. Another worry is making sure ‘both babies’ still get my undivided attention. I miss driving to work in the morning but hey that is what opportunity costs are. And there are many I face. But that’s a subject for another time.

Jazakh’Allah khair for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar

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SISTERS READS: Generation M, New Muslims New Style



Written by Shelina Janmohamed. Reviewed by Papatia Feauxzar. Published by I.B. Tauris

Shelina Zahra Janmohamed, British author of award winning Love in a Headscarf and vice president of the Islamic Branding consultancy Ogilvy Noor, has just released her new title Generation M. Generation M is a textualized documentary, exposing the diverse nature of young Muslim entrepreneurs of the 21st century. We could also say that it’s an exposé by a Muslim insider who knows what it is like to be born Muslim, raised Muslim, and go through life as a Muslim with seemingly limited choices. The book nails the depiction of contemporary young Muslims: innovative, entrepreneurial, trend catchers and setters, steadfast in faith, and very passionate about improving their lifestyle because they believe that faith and modernity go hand in hand.

In my opinion, Generation M, the people, walks the fine line between innovation that adds to Islam and innovation that doesn’t add to our faith. Along the way, the lines get blurred a bit and this is where only the future will tell how Generation M handles these challenges. For now, their achievements are celebratory and really good PR.

Generation M the book is composed of 15 chapters split into five main parts. Part one introduces “Salaam, Generation M.” Part two is about “The Global Muslim Lifestyle” while part three is “Culture: The New Muslim Cool”. Part four is titled “The New Twenty-First Century Ummah” and finally part five is about “The Faithful Future.”

In part one, Janmohamed says, “If publishers are guilty of monolithic misery memoirs, then Muslims must also take some of the blame for not sharing our universal experiences in a language and context that everyone can relate to.” This spoke to me because it’s true. Our narrative is still lacking, and we must all make the effort to be the curators of our time, of our true history.

In Part two, Janmohamed highlights how important halal and tayyab (organic and wholesome) are to Generation M. These concepts are matters that they don’t play with. Be a shady vendor and you will not get away with it when they find out because they always do. We also see that halal and tayyab don’t stop at meat consumption, they cover a wider radius of seeking out ‘good’ things.

In part three, we find out about Donna Auston and the reasoning behind #BlackMuslimRamadan, amongst other interesting Generation M happenings, while in part four, we see that Generation M is dedicated to changing the hijacked Muslim narrative and telling their own stories. They are global citizens and while there are disagreements and minority doctrines within the ummah, Generation M does not despair, they do their part within the community. Finally in part five, we get the full picture of Generation M. For them, Islam is a complete way of life. It’s about living a balanced life that affects the societal, financial, and political sectors. It’s not only about praying five times a day.

A few years ago, when I took a class on International Business as a requisite for my accounting degree, I learned that non-Muslim companies loved to package their products in green if they intend to sell them in Muslim countries especially the Middle East. When I learned that, being an African Muslim, it didn’t bother me at all. It made sense. Muslims love green. I didn’t even think, ‘Wait a minute, this can raise issues of profiling, unintended stereotyping, etc.’ After reading Generation M, I realize that young Muslims will not settle for this ready-made perception of them and it’s their right to want the finer things the world has to offer. There are other colours in the colouring clip board they find attractive. They don’t want just green, yellow or black. And this is to say that we are humans, just like non-Muslims, we aren’t that different from anybody, like many think, and we aren’t monolithic.

Generation M doesn’t chronicle all the building blocks of Generation M, but it certainly snaps an accurate picture of the composition of this generation. In this book, I came across many Muslims changing the world, some new and some I already knew of. Truly, Generation M is so diverse they can’t all fit in one book!

Above all, Generation M are very creative and crafty individuals masha Allah. They give new meanings to just about everything. The Muslim version of sushi was new to me… Start reading the book today to discover new Muslim inventions.

Generation M is available on Amazon and all major book sellers.

Originally published at SISTERS MAGAZINE here.

Bio: Papatia Feauxzar is an accountant, an avid reader and writer living in Dallas, Texas with her nuclear family. She blogs at

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