6 African Muslims Who Brought Islam To America You Should Know

Assalamu aleikum, please read an article I wrote for MVSLIM here or below. #Alhamdullilah


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As a Muslim of West African origin living in the United States, my Muslim-ness is always contested by Europeans, Americans, and even clueless Africans. They ask me questions like:

“Are you Muslim?” and “Were you born Muslim?”

I get asked these questions a lot by Americans because Islam is something that was made to sound foreign to them.

“I’ve never seen a Muslim from that country wear Hijab.”

Believe it or not, many Africans ask this question as if they are well-travelled.

Is your country predominantly Muslim?”

I get this question from European Muslims as if they had just discovered ‘water on Mars’. In their minds, Black Muslims are an oddity. Because I have been around many of them, I now know the reasoning behind asking such questions. They have the idea that All of Africa is uncivilized and only non-Muslims live there.

The strange thing is many of them have heard of Mansa Musa, the Malian Muslim King. Why they won’t add two and two together to infer that Islam has always been an old religion in Africa and in the USA, I don’t know. In addition, the US census has a record of approximately 300 slaves that had a Muslim surname who fought during the Civil War for freedom.

Throughout all these irritating questions, I try to keep my cool. I keep the frustrated comments, I want to utter, in my head, smile, and move on. However, what I want to tell them is Islam came to West Africa not too long after the 10th century. My ancestors were traders and this was how Islam came to us Mandinga. Islam has always been a religion of business. Furthermore, this also means that many West Africans were exposed to Islam before it was spread to Europe during the Ottoman empire and America via the Moriscos and the Transatlantic slaves.

According to Lost Islamic History, one example of an African Muslim who brought Islam to America is Bilali Muhammad. There are also others like Ayub Job Djallo, Yarrow Mamood, Ibrahim Abdulrahman ibn Sori,  Ummar ibn Sayyid,   (Omar ibn Said) and Sali Bilali.

Bilali Muhammad

Born around 1770 in the area of Africa which are known as Guinea and Sierra Leone today, Bilali Muhammad was an elite of the Fulani tribe. He knew Arabic and was knowledgeable in hadith, tafsir, and shariah matters. Because he was educated, he was allowed to rise in status in the slave community. Bilali Muhammad even wrote a 13 page manuscript on Islamic law from the Maliki Madhab called the Bilali Document that he gifted to his friend before his death. The manuscript was thought to be a diary until it was deciphered at al-Azhar university in Cairo. His manuscript is also known as Ben Ali Diary or Ben Ali Journal. Read more here.

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo

Ayub Job Djallo was born in Senegal from a respected Fulbe Muslim family. He was also known as Job Ben Solomon. He wrote some memoirs and was a slave in Maryland for a couple years. Sold into slavery as a result of a confusion, he eventually returned home in Senegal to his aristocratic roots still a Muslim. You can read more on him here.

Yarrow Mamout

Born in Guinea, Yarrow Mamood was born in 1736 and died in 1823 a free man. He arrived at the age of 14 years old in Maryland with his sister. Knowledgeable in Arabic, he practiced Islam openly until his death. Read more on him here.

Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori


Ibrahim Abdulrahman ibn Sori was born in Guinea. He was also known as The Prince Amonsgt Slaves. Son of King Sori from the village of Timbo, Abdulrahman was a military leader. He became a slave as a result of an ambush and sold to a slave owner by the name of Thomas Foster in Mississipi. Ibn Sori got married and had children. Abdulrahman worked for 40 years before his release. He died during his trip back. He had even wrote a letter to his family in West Africa in Arabic which was read by the Sultan of Morocco Abderrahmane who found it deeply touching and petitioned U.S. President John Quincy Adams to release him.

Omar ibn Said

Ummar ibn Sayyid was born in Fuuta Toro, Senegal in 1770. Captured in 1807, he became known as Omar Moreau and Prince Omeroh according to Muslimofusa.Though there are reports that say he converted to Christianity later in his life, many sources say that there was more than met the eye in his situation. Nevertheless, he was known to be an Islamic scholar, knowledgeable in many fields from arithmetic to theology who wrote several Arabic texts.

Salih Bilali


Salih Bilali was born in Mali and captured in 1782. It was reported that his last words on his death bead were the shahada according to the Abolition Institute. Robert Abbot, founder of the Chicago Defender, is his descendant.

In conclusion, all the continents contributed to the spread of Islam, Africa included. So how can they deny such a legacy?

Jazakh’Allah khair for reading,


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…Centric — Hayati Magazine

“Yacüb,” she said to him calmly as she paused her series on TV, trying not to loose her temper like nth times before when this topic was back on the table. “I told you, in our culture, we address people by their middle name,” he told her. She winced and the previous night’s events flashed……

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Muslimah Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2016 — Hayati Magazine

Assalamu aleikum, It’s that time of the year where the cold wind is making itself acknowledged to remind me that my Muslimah Capsule Wardrobe for the Winter is in order. Down here in Texas, it’s certainly not 86 Fahrenheit anymore. So I got my Fall-Winter clothes out to replace my Summer capsule wardrobe alhamdullilah. In West……

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The Revival of The Muslim Golden Age : Generation M

Assalamu aleikum ! Please share🙂



Jazakh’Allah khair,



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Sleep in God’s Protection – An Interfaith Children’s Book Review

A Ducktrinor Mom

God protection 1.JPGAuthor:  Elizabeth Lymer

Publisher : Aneesa Books

Description: A bedtime book for young Muslims, Jews, and Christians, in which flowers close their petals, plants close their leaves, and babies close their eyes. ‘God’s peace be with you. God made the night. It is time to close your eyes tonight.’ It includes the prayer of Abraham for his sons (upon them be peace). This title was made specifically as a gift for a baby’s special religious occasion, and generally for interfaith Abrahamic families and friends, and it is only available via Amazon.

Review: Behold, the latest addition to our children’s books collection: Sleep in God’s Protection. I ordered this a few weeks ago, and it was sitting at the leasing office all along unbeknownst of me. Subhanallah…the things I do sometimes.

Anyways, when we finished reading Sleep in God’s Protection, the hadith “When the wings of the night…

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Flash Fiction Stories — Hayati Magazine

upRoots Mansa wanted his kingdom to remain prosperous and powerful so he had to act fast. The depopulation of the area was quite alarming. Becoming a slave or a slave seller were out of the question. Depleting sources of gold weren’t an option either. After a long night of thinking and listening to Mansa Mousso,……

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We are bringing it…, Change.

We’re the rightful vicegerents by the scripture words. (Al-Baqarah: 29-30) (Al-An’am:165)

my sXy specs!

If you are an Indian reading this, then stop to whatever you are doing and pat yourself thrice, because we have again held ourselves high.
Reason …….??/
It’s not about the recent Olympic medals brought to India and nor about the G-SAT 18 satellite hopefully  which will leave Earth tomorrow,  but it’s all about us, India submitting  Instrument of Ratification.

This was done by our UN Ambassador Syed Akrabuddin submitting the documents signed by the President of India on October 2nd 2016 at a special event to commemorate the Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary.

And later Ban Ki Moon thanked Indians, by saying “Sabhi Bharatiyo ko dhanyvaad”.
Below is his Vlog.

And not to forget another Important man, Obama. We all know about Modi-Bama relationships…

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What (Race) Am I?

A Ducktrinor Mom


I was on maternity leave when one day I decided to turn on the TV and watch what kind of shows were on while I was at work. This is how I came upon The Real and this episode. Otherwise, I don’t watch much TV. I go through periods though where I only read or where I’m hooked on certain series. Other than that, it gets challenging to watch TV daily and alhamdullilah for that.

Anyways, the issue of race spoke loudly to me so I decided to author a book for the sake of my own child in America. Prior to that, I had met people in college who had issues with mixed couples like ours. They said that the offsprings of such unions are scarred for life; they longed for a sense of belonging. I thought, “That’s interesting. We don’t have that issue in Africa.” I…

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Erotology, Islam, and More.

Assalamu aleikum!

I just reviewed two books on Marriages, Erotology, and the Islamic Perspective. Please check them out on my website.

Like A Garment  by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi


Read review here.


Illuminating the Performance by Historian Habeeb Akande


Read review here.

Thank you for reading,


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I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere! – A Review

A Ducktrinor Mom

i_can_read_wear_the_hijab_1_2048x2048Author:  Yasmin Ibrahim

Illustrator : Azhari Zulkifli

Publisher : The Islamic Foundation


Series: I Can Series

Description: This book explains that Hijab, which Islam prescribes for girls and women, is not some obstruction, preventing them from leading life in a natural way. While observing this norm a Muslim girl can participate in all activities.

Our Thoughts: I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere is a 15 page children’s book aimed to children 3  to 5 years of age. We love that it’s inclusive of all races and a booster read to young Muslim girls who would love to wear hijab. The texts are simple and the illustrations are well done. I recommend it to Muslim parents.

hijab-2Our Rating : 5/5

You can get a copy on Amazon or at Kube Publishing.

To get 10% off any book at Kube Publishing’s website use COUPON…

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Written Vs.Not Written Stuff: Forcing Muslim Women Marriages With Holy Quran

Part 2 by moi🙂. Please read!


The Human Lens

Part 2 Written by Papatia Feauxzar of Hayati Magazine

You learn something new every day. The practice of “Haq E Bakshish” was new to me, and I had to check with my relatives, the elders, to see if they had heard of it before. And they hadn’t. There is no other way to say it; the practice of marrying women to the Quran Karim or other objects is UNISLAMIC! The scriptures are clear about what’s expected of us in this life; five before five.

Take benefit of five before five: Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you are preoccupied, and your life before your death”— Prophet Muhammad sallallahu aleihi wassalam. (Narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Al Hakim)

How can a woman married to an object, a tree, a small boy, an old…

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Written Vs.Not Written Stuff: Forcing Muslim Women Marriages With Holy Quran

Assalamu aleikum! Time for our custom quarter collaboration. Part I by the lovely Saadia Haq over at the Humans Lens. Please read😉 and stay tuned for part II by me insha’Allah.


The Human Lens

Part I, Written by Saadia Haq of The Human Lens

When I first heard of this, I was like numb for seconds until my good friend from Sindhi community proceeded to narrate how young women in her family are married off to Holy Quran under the tradition “Haq E Bakshish.” Pakistani women aren’t new to cruelty whether it comes in guide of religion or tradition but this manner of creating Muslim nuns is totally unIslamic and inhuman. Do realize that what I was told is supposedly a taboo topic but one that has recently been creating controversy within the country.

This conversation came full circle years later, as I flew to Multan also called “The City of Saints” for investigating honor crime stories. Here I met Shaista Bukhari, a young widow that runs a regional women rights organization. While we were chatting on her work on honor crimes, Shaista spoke…

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NANO … 2016 Edition

Assalamu aleikum…my post disappeared…Let’s try again…Let’s hope I wasn’t hacked!


My 2015 Nano novel is in editing alhamdullilah. It will be out out by 2017 insha’Allah.

This year, I want to try to write as much as I can on my work-in-progress (wip) Clash of the Castes. It’s about a much prosperous Science-Fictive and Dystopian Africa.

Clash of the Castes02

I will try to reach 50,000 words but I’m not keeping my hopes high because I have other things to do like reading, writing reviews, articles, daily chores, actual accounting work, etc.

Now, I’ll certainly try to write 50,000 words insha’Allah.

I’m also going to try to meet writers in my area. I’ll let you know how it goes insha’Allah! Stay tuned!😉

So who is nanoing this coming November?




Nano picture credit: Google

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On Leaving Facebook

Assalamu aleikum readers and bloggers,


I left Facebook! Do I hate this platform? No, on the contrary it was a very good way to connect with people. However, because I have higher priorities like maintaining my sanity, my loyalty to the One, I decided to make my exit. Hopefully for good insha’Allah.

There are several reasons I can name and willing to share for this abrupt decision. I made a quick dua and when I felt at ease, I didn’t look back twice and DEACTIVATED my account!

#1 I was tired of dealing with insincere people. When people get to me, I try to stay classy and remove myself instead from the situation

#2 the invisible jealousy

#3 the weary ummah who doesn’t want to ‘touch’ you because of being seen as guilty by association. I care less about what people think of me. If I minded people, I would have stopped writing steamy things. Maybe there are days where I have doubts but it’s nothing more than the discouraging whispers small talk and no one is immune to that!

#4 Allah is who I need to impress. No one else. I’m not afraid to be seen as an imperfect person, author, or friend. No one is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and perfect is often the enemy of good like they say. Now, what I can’t tolerate is those who take me for an amateur. I’m not a great author yet but I’m not clueless either. I want to not be misunderstood. But hélas, that is what being Al-Ghorabba is. I’m a stranger and alhmadullilah I’ve realized that a long time ago.

My close friends will know where to reach me because they have my email and I’m still present on Twitter and Instagram. If anybody else wants to reach me, they will figure it out insha’Allah.



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Homeschooling Activities (HSA) : Puzzles

A Ducktrinor Mom



If I had to pick a kunya, I would pick Umm AB. And if I had to nickname my child, I would call this dragon/dinosaur ABsaurus. Seriously, he’s one *Laughs*.

So let’s start! Our Homeschooling Activities are a challenge as they should be y’all. Amonsgt other activities like building blocks, reading letters and words, we’re working on puzzles alhamdullilah.

We’ve first mastered this puzzle below masha’Allah.



Then, in second position we mastered this one because the pieces are bigger and a bit rougher than the previous one. The tiny fingers had a tough time grabbing the knob of the pieces.


We’re currently working on this one; the smallest and the most challenging one by far because it doesn’t have carved spots built into it. The toddler has to rely on his skill of being visual.


We’ll get there insha’Allah *wink*. The first two puzzles were gifted to me by…

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The Writer



The Writer

The writer has the gift of vision

The writer sees the past

The writer lives the present

The writer imagines the future

The writer has the gift of vision

The writer listens to the unsung

The writer hears their voices from beyond

The writer has an indescribable link to all

The writer has the gift of vision

The writer doesn’t treat the voices like little pests

The writer listens to the unheard ones

The writer has the gift of vision

The Writer gives the spark to His scribes in Dunya

The writer gets the gift of vision from Him.

Papatia Feauxzar © 2016


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Spin-Off Cité: A Collection of Flash Fiction Stories (FREE ON AMAZON FOR FIVE DAYS)

Assalamu aleikum bloggers!


If you read all my published stories, 4 out of the 11 stories in this collection, Spin-Off Cité , will make sense to you. The free promotion starts on 10/24/2016 and ends on 10/28/2016

Below is the link:


The same old rules still apply which are:

– Click to buy at no cost to you with ‘1 click’

– If you live in a country or zone where the title is not available, please change your address to a USA address and your country to USA. Then, you can download the story. When you are done, you can change your address back to your actual address.

– If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app for your device.

  • You can read here on amazon here

– Please tell a friend! :)

Jazak’Allah khair for peaking here and supporting the work. Please leave a review.

Papatia Feauxzar

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Nabila’s Garden – A Review — Hayati Magazine

Nabila’s Garden is a 172 page poetry collection by Hawa Fuseini, a 23-year-old Nigerian and Ghanaian Muslim. I found the collection inspiring at times, preachy at times, and a bit naive at other instances. I say naive because even when you marry your soul mate, a person who makes you a better Muslimah, you still……

via Nabila’s Garden – A Review — Hayati Magazine

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