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Shaban Book Club Recap

Assalamu aleikum. Link: https://www.fofkys.com/post/shaban-book-club-recap-2 Thanks. Fofky

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Dhul-Qadah & Dhul-Hijjah Book Club Picks

Assalamu aleikum. Check out the current reads. Link: https://www.fofkys.com/post/dhul-qadah-dhul-hijjah-book-club-picks Thanks, HF

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Rajab Book Club Recap

Assalamu aleikum, Aameen. Link: https://www.fofkys.com/post/rajab-book-club-recap-1 Thank you,

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Safar Book Club Recap and Picks

Assalamu aleikum! Read the full post at https://www.fofkys.com/post/safar-book-club-recap-and-picks Thanks, Papatya*

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Ramadan Book Club Recap

Assalamu aleikum! Ramadan Mubarak! Please read -> Ramadan Book Club Recap (fofkys.com) Thank you, Papatya*

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Club de Lecture Pour le Ramadan 1441 — Un Résumé

Bismillahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahim Assalamu aleikum waramatulahi wabarakatuhu à toutes! Bienvenue à  une autre édition de notre club de lecture sur les deux Zahras du Coran macha’Allah alhamdoullilah. Des sœurs du monde entier – Afrique, France, Angleterre, Amérique et Indonésie – … Continue reading

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Rabi al-Awwal 1441 / November 2019’s Book Club Recap & Awards

Assalamu aleikum! Read it at Fofky’s Blog here. And check out the Reader Choice Award, too. #VOTE!   Thanks,

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Safar 1441 / October 2019’s Book Club Pick — Unlikely Friends by Sahar Abdulaziz

Assalamu aleikum! Read it at Fofky’s Blog here. Thanks,

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Book & Tea Pairings

Assalamu aleikum! Color-coordinating books and teas for Fofky’s Boxes or for a promotional picture are one of our favorite thing to do. So check out the small list gathered for you. 1. Unleashing your Creativity and Boh Chamomile Tea or … Continue reading

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Some Ramadan and Eid Books Recommendations

Assalamu aleikum! These books are available on Amazon and/or at https://www.djarabikitabs.com/bookstore . Thank you! Papatya*

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Thought-Provokers: North Dallas

Assalamu aleikum! Rejoice for they have been accepted in Jannah. On another note, please check an article where I was featured recently. Don’t call me haha! I don’t pick up my phone, lol! Wassalam, Papatia  

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5 Steps To Write & Design Your Cookbook Like A Professional

Assalamu aleikum! 1) In a word document, dump all your recipes. Just write them. There will be time to edit later. Just get them out on paper first. 2) Take good and simple pictures. If you have old pictures of … Continue reading

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Fofky’s Kitchen: Easy Ivorian Recipes for Traditional and Street Foods

Assalamu aleikum dear bloggers! My next book is about Ivorian food! It will be out September 2018 insha’Allah. Mark the date!!! Thank you for reading, Papatya*

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#MuslimBookClub II

This time #MuslimBookClub will be discussing Lost Islamic History.   “To understand the world of today, we must look at Islamic history and this book does a pretty good job at that. Great read I recommend to anyone; Muslims who have no idea … Continue reading

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Assalamu aleikum! #MuslimBookClub is a new collaboration by several online Muslim readers and book clubs to amplify Muslim voices. Our first initiative to discuss, educate, enlighten, support Muslim women and businesses amongst other things starts with a book titled Women in the Qu’ran. … Continue reading

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Author Spotlight: Papatia Feauxzar & Fofky’s Online Book and Coffee/Tea Shop

    Fofky’s Online Book and Coffee/Tea Shop Have you heard of Fofky’s Online Book and Coffee/Tea shop with a great selection of Muslim Fiction for adults and children? If you haven’t, don’t worry I’m here to put you on! Last … Continue reading

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#BlackMuslimReads & #MuslimGirlsRead

Assalamu aleikum! Allah will not change the condition of the people until they do first. To stop the erasure of the contribution of Black Muslim Writers in the mainstream publishing industry, NbA Muslims in collaboration with Djarabi Kitabs Publishing, and … Continue reading

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Protected: US Muslim Women Launch Specialized Online Businesses

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Fabulous finds: Fofky’s Subscription Box

Originally posted on Fabulously Liberated:
I love the idea of subscription boxes especially bookish-themed ones. I mean, a book or books plus other goodies. Sign me up! This particular one has a special place in my heart for many reasons including…

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Fofky’s…Lauch Date is Here…

Assalamu aleikum, http://www.fofkys.com Here are some of the drinks this barista made herself and you can too. 1.Fofky’s Mocha Frappuccino: 2.Fofky’s Green Tea Frappuccino : 3.Fofky’s Hot Mocha: 4.Fofky’s Strawberry Smoothie: 5.Fofky’s Strawberry Frappuccino: 6. Fofky’s Caramel Frappuccino: 7. Fofky’s … Continue reading

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