Review: Ramadan Without Daddy

The Imperfect Muslimah

Ramadan Without Daddy was written by Misbah Akhtar and illustrated by Vicky Amrullah. It was published by Djarabi Kitabs and is available here.

This story is one that I would have loved to have when I was growing up. Ramadan has never had Daddy for me and I think that this book is something I may have benefited from when I was little and had questions about my home life.

The explanation of divorce – that sometimes people just don’t fit in certain situations – is simple but striking.

I love the way that Akhtar has explained the impact divorce has on both parents and children – that there is difficulty in understanding everyone’s new roles and places and that there will be an adjustment period while things settle.

My favorite part is the glossary and the attention to detail in the illustrations.

Final rating: 5 stars out of…

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Blog Tour for ‘Ramadan without Daddy’ by Misbah Akhtar

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US Muslim Women Launch Specialized Online Businesses

Assalamu aleikum, I have been featured on AboutIslam Alhamdullilah :). Please read below or follow the link -> 



NEW YORK –  Americans increasingly select e-commerce as a buying option. According to a Pew Research study, eight-in-ten Americans are online shoppers.

American online shoppers grew from 22 percent in 2000 to 79 percent in 2016. There is a growing number of Muslim women utilizing the increase in online consumerism to provide specialized goods and services for Muslim consumers.

Online Muslim Book Store

American author and publisher Papatia Feauxzar recently launched Fofky’s Online Book Store. Fofky’s makes special boxes that include a selected Muslim-authored book along with an assemblage of snacks, which is meant to bring the book store experience home with an Islamic base.

A lack of diversity in the publishing world means Muslim authors struggle to have their works published and appreciated. Feauxzar told AboutIslam the motivation behind developing Fofky’s.

“It was a growing disappointment that Muslim works did not have a specific space to bloom. The idea for Fofky’s came to my mind when I read a post by author Umm Juwayriyah. Back then, I was thinking of a brick/mortar bookstore, but I couldn’t come up with good logistics to execute the idea. Then in mid-April 2017, the online alternative struck me and I ran with it!”

When asked how she anticipates Fofky’s being a sustainable exclusively online book store, Feauxzar explained, “Amazon is the biggest supplier of merchandise and it mainly operates online. I want Fofky’s to be that alternative for Muslims, where their works can have more visibility.”

“My products and services depict the sunnah way of a balanced way of life. It touches all aspects of the deen –  love, hate, politics, finance, business, health, food – you name it.”

Halal, Natural Beauty Products

Addressing challenges many Muslims in the US encounter when searching for halal beauty products, Celin Childs launched Ruth&Mae’s Natural Products.  The line of products are for curly and natural hair, coinciding with the natural hair movement and increasing number of African American and Black Muslim women wear natural hair styles.

“My products are natural and do not contain harmful chemicals like most commercial hair and skin products. I started making my own products from scratch; then I created a website and started selling online. I knew there was tons of potential for growing a business online.”

The company also has an active Facebook page with hair care tips.

Empowering Women

Zalika Martin’s company Makeda Artistry offers multiple services, including makeup artistry, The Makeda Collection handmade jewelry line and motivational speaking. Internet marketing presented an industrious platform for Martin. “I chose the internet because it is a perfect venue that houses multiple people you can market to simultaneously.”

Martin told AboutIslam that the primary objective for her company’s services and products is to empower Muslim and non-Muslim women.

“Women, self-love and empowerment has always been important to me, especially considering my personal circumstances when self-love reminders and encouragement would have been greatly appreciated.”

“We at Makeda Artistry pride ourselves in offering the finest quality handcrafted products made with love. We at Makeda Artistry pride ourselves in offering the finest quality handcrafted products made with love. I tied together my natural talent and passion for makeup artistry and jewelry making because when you look good, you feel great!”

Muslim Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship continues to grow among US American Muslim women; the entrepreneurs provided some words of advice for women interested in starting their own businesses.

“Your voice is needed. Your vision matters,” said Feauxzar. “Don’t discount [your importance]. Join the team Muslimah Bosses. There is truly enough sun for all to shine under, alhamdullilah.”

“I have an awesome course called The Golden Muslimah that I made to show the average Muslimah how to turn her passion into a profitable business from home,” said Childs.

“Go for it,” said Martin. “There will be adversity and challenges in anything we do, don’t let being a Muslimah prevent you from seeking entrepreneurship.”

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Written Vs.Not Written Stuff: Muslim Transgenders in Islamic Nations Part II


The Human Lens

Part ii: Written by Papatia Feauxzar

The messenger of Allah said : “Allah the Almighty has laid down religious duties, so do not neglect them. He has set boundaries, so do not over step them. He has prohibited some things, so do not violate them; about some things He was silent – out of compassion for you, not forgetfulness, so seek not after them.” (Al-Daraqutni).

This collaboration has been a long time coming, and it going live is a mere but timely coincidence with the recent political events affecting transgenders in the United States Army. Now, in my opinion, the opening hadith means that people should stop dehumanizing transgenders in the context of this social activist post. Don’t seek them out to harass them, leave them alone.

So what is a transgender? The name is an umbrella for many people who don’t identify with binary genders. A transgender could have…

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Book Review: Imagine

Imagine Cover

Stoori Khan

“Imagine” is a beautiful children’s book written by Shoohada Khanom and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

This book revolves around 2 children, Yunus and Saarah. It’s bedtime and Yunus asks Saarah whether they can talk about something interesting?

Saarah tells him to imagine and starts to count the things she wish could happen.

The thing I really liked about this book is that it highlights the loving relationship between the siblings.

Secondly, it teaches the young children to adopt an Islamic lifestyle like reading the Quran, doing tasbeeh, feeding the poor and appreciating one’s family etc.

I would really recommend to buy this book for your children as they will learn the Islamic way of living in a fun, easy and effective way.

Imagine Cover

– Stoori

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Book Review: Little Blue Skater Boy

Little Blue Skater Boy Cover

Stoori Khan

Little Blue Skater Boy” is a Muslim fiction children’s story book inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood” and we can say, it’s Muslim version of it, written by Shoohada Khanom and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

The story is about a little boy named Isa, who lives in a house opposite to the woods and is called “Little Blue Skater Boy” because he always wears a blue hoodie and travels on his skateboard.

One late afternoon, he is called by his mother and sent to his nanni’s (grandmother’s) house with biryani because she is ill.

“The Little Blue Skater Boy” confronts a female jinn on his way and she begins to talk to him, hiding her identity. She convinces him to collect some flowers for his nanni.

I loved how this book teaches young children different dua’s (supplications) and it’s importance. Above of all, the lesson that THEY SHOULD NEVER…

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Free eBook! Take advantage :)

wcib twitter

– If you live in a country or zone where the title is not available, please change your address to a USA address and your country to USA. Then, you can download the story. When you are done, you can change your address back to your actual address.

– If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app for your device. Just be aware that on small screens, the formatting might not look friendly to you.

– You can read on Amazon’s cloud by logging here after you download a free copy.

– Please tell a friend!

Jazak’Allah khair for supporting the work and please leave a review.

In peace,

The DKP Team


Upcoming Goodreads giveaways for Author Shoohada Khanom :

wcib goodreads 8 2 17

Imagine goodreads 8 2 17

ktb goodreads 8 2 17

lbsk goodreads 8 2 17

Jazakh’Allah khair!

Papatia Feauxzar, Muslim Publisher.

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Written Vs.Not Written Stuff: Muslim Transgenders in Islamic Nations


Quarterly Collaboration Up!

Part I as usual by the lovely Saadia Haq

#activist #activistlife #fghtoppression

The Human Lens

Part I, Written by Saadia Haq of The Human Lens

As the title goes, this is quite a stirring topic in Muslim communities and Islamic nations where transgenders live in deplorable and inhumane conditions on the fringes of the society denied of respect and deprived of their rights.

Like other important issues ignored, the prevalent maltreatment of transgenders continue in almost all places where Muslims live or so-called Islamic countries infected with conservative and distorted mindsets on the third gender – LGBTs that are shunned and disowned by their own families resulting in forced begging and prostitution to support themselves.

This hypocrisy much galls me for in the darkness of nights and behind closed doors. the so-called religious and holier than seek perverted pleasures with transgender sex worker, all while during the day preaching strange notions in the name of a religion that has granted rights to all its followers…

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Book Review: Who Could I Be?

Stoori Khan

“Who Could I Be” is a thought provoking children’s book written by Shoohada Khanom and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

The book hints at guessing the animals through describing their features and characteristics in a poetic way and in the riddle form.

What I really appreciate about this book is that it will push the children to think, activate their minds and teach them to solve a mystery through hints.

Moreover, it also teaches the children to appreciate the physical differences that each creature is special in it’s own way and last but not the least, it emphasizes on the gratitude towards the creator (Allah).

So, I will highly recommend buying this book for your children. They will definitely enjoy the bright, colourful and beautiful illustrations along with the amusement of guessing 🙂

Who Could I Be Cover Front.jpg

– Stoori

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Book Review: Kamillah-The Butterfly

Stoori Khan

“Kamillah – The Butterfly” is a beautiful children’s book written by Shoohada Khanom and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

Kamillah is a caterpillar who, when gets hungry, eats different sizes of leaves and continue to grow. As she grows bigger and bigger, she gets very concerned and asks her friend Bilqis that why is it so? And she answers with tiny grin that soon she will be flying.

I loved the lesson this book teaches to little minds that everything happens at the perfect time, neither too early, nor too late. Growing is a part of life. Besides, Allah has created everyone with different looks and specialities so, every single being is special in their own way.

I would really recommend buying this book for your children as they will learn the beauty of growing, being independent and appreciating the looks Allah has blessed them with.


– Stoori

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Book Review: Imagine

Imagine Shoohada khanom

Fabulously Liberated

Title: Imagine

Author: Shoohada Khanom

Category: Children Fiction

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

May I start by saying Sarah is a wonderful kid. I love her creative mind. Now you are wondering who Sarah is, right? She is Yunus’ sister. Yunus wants to talk to her just before bed time but not before she goes on an imagining spree…

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Book Review: Little Blue Skater Boy

Featured Image -- 6007

Fabulously Liberated

Title: Little Blue Skater Boy

Author: Shoohada Khanom

Category: Children Fiction

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

This is the story of Isa who was going to take some Biryani for his Naani but not before a jinn had her eyes on him. It portrays to kids the power of du’a.Those daily ones that even we adults forget to say.

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Author Spotlight: Shoohada Khanom

Fabulously Liberated

Shoohada Khanom had four books released recently. I was honoured to read three of them and had the privilege to interview her so we can all get to know her a little better.

Shoohada Khanom

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4 Books launch 7 17 17DALLAS, TX-July 29th, 2017DJARABI KITABS published four children’s books by Author Shoohada Khanom. There are Little Blue Skater BoyImagineKamillah the Butterfly, and Who Could I be? .

Little Blue Skater Boy : When Isa is asked to take biriyani to his Nanni’s house, someone decides to jump out at him and then tag along. A re-telling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with many twists.

Imagine : It’s bedtime! Yunus wants to talk but his sister Saarah goes on a imagining spree. She talks about animals, and dinosaurs and aliens as friends. She talks about sending an Eid gift to orphans and cooking extra meals in Ramadan for the poor, and a whole lot more! A fun, creative story, that also shows a loving sibling relationship.

Who Could I Be? Through the book, children will learn about animals and their distinctive features, and the repetitive use of questioning encourages them to use the clues to keep guessing and wanting to turn the page to find out what animal it is. Most importantly, it sheds light on and promotes the beauty of our Creator’s creations.

Kamillah the Butterfly : Kamillah is a caterpillar who is struggling to understand life’s changes. With a friend by her side and discovering a beautiful surprise at the end of her cycle, she happily accepts the biggest change. A lovely book any child can relate too. It will definitely leave little ones wanting to read it repeatedly.

When asked what motivated her to write these creative children’s stories, Khanom said, “When I had my first child, I started investing in a home library. That’s when I realised there was a lack of books for Muslim children that are fun and engaging. I then had an idea for a story and almost dreamed about how great it would be if there was good, quality picture books for Muslims that looked and read like the mainstream books.”

Join DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING on Facebook @djarabikpub for the launch events which will run from July 29th to August 2nd, 2017 insha’Allah.

About Shoohada Khanom :

Born and raised in London, children’s author Shoohada was surrounded by love early on, part of a large family and a friend to many. She left her formal education on hold when she was 16, taking a job in retail, and three years later, she had moved up into the management team. When she was 21, Shoohada gave birth to her first child, and two years after that, she decided to focus on motherhood and family life full-time. She had always enjoyed reading however, and so she began to use some of her free time to write her own stories. Today a mother of six, Shoohada lives a busy life, splitting her days between her writing and her motherly responsibilities. She shares her home in the East End of London with her family, and anytime she has a moment to herself, she reads and writes. Someone who is immensely aware of the world around her, Shoohada maintains an active presence in the community, taking part both in fundraising and charity events. In 2013, Shoohada published her first picture book to great acclaim. Her mission is to inspire love and hope among people through her stories, both those that deal with her Muslim faith and those that do not. She plans on continuing to publish her stories for the foreseeable future.

All of Shoohada Khanom’s books are available on Amazon.comAmazon.ukCreatespace, and Fofky’s Online Book Cafe.


Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

PO BOX 703733

Dallas, TX 75370



Originally appeared at DKP’s website here.

4 Books launch 7 17 17


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Interview With Sister Theresa Corbin

Read an interview with Theresa Corbin and comment to enter the giveaway insha’Allah.

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

As Salam Alikum Readers ,
I had the pleasure of doing a interview with sister Theresa Corbin about her new adult Islamic coloring book .

What inspired you to write an adult coloring book?
A: My husband actually had the idea that I take the graphics that I have made through the years for my blog and turn them into a coloring book. The man is a genius. So, I did some research into the adult coloring book market and found that not much was available with an Islamic theme. There is stuff for young kids but not stuff for adults. So, I took my husband?s idea and decided that this coloring book needed to have a wider theme and audience to fill in the gap in the market. It needed to be about the basics of Islam and not just about my blog.

How long have you written on…

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Meet barhoom Brand : The First Modest Styling Service For All Women — Hayati Magazine

Barhoom 7

OHIO – A new clothing company, barhoom Brand, becomes the first styling company to accommodate both the needs of Muslim and non-Muslim women who seek modest clothing. It’s ground breaking. barhoom Brand launched April 11th, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. His founders are Noor Refai and Cassandra Duchan. They both act as Creative Director and Director of……

via Meet barhoom Brand : The First Modest Styling Service For All Women — Hayati Magazine

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Out of Many, One

Thank you for buying my book! Rabbi the Rabbit on Amazon

via Rabbi the Rabbit — Shireen Hakim

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The Blue Skater Boy.


SO this is my last and final cover reveal for this launch. ❤️

I LOVE this story so much MarshaAllah Tabarakallah and I’m so happy it’s found a home with Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

What is it about, let’s go to the blurb!

“When Isa is asked to take biriyani to his Nanni’shouse, someone decides to jump out at him and then tag along. A re-telling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with many twists.”

Now, doesn’t that sound interesting!

Meet Isa AKA Little Blue Skater Boy.

This next illustration is Isa with his mum. While he’s playing on his console at home, his mum is putting biriyani in a bag for him to take to his nanni’s house.

In the illustration below, Isa is picking daffodils with Mrs.Jinni AKA Mrs.Jinn-eena watching over him. How innocent and frail this old women looks, but is she really that innocent is the real question.

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Fabulous Finds: The Islamic Adult Coloring Book

the islamic nana

Our first review of ‘The Islamic Adult Coloring Book’! #alhamdullilah

Fabulously Liberated

By: Theresa Corbin

Published by: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

I have always been intrigued with colouring. So when the whole “adult colouring” thing started. I was drawn to it. The idea of adult colouring is pretty amazing. Then those who take the time out to add the ‘Muslim-ness’ to it….MashaAllah! 😍 

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Fabulous Finds: The Big Reconnecting Selflove Journal


self love 2Oh, check out the review on this journal by Aisha Nana Ahmed I’ve been coloring alhamdullilah 🙂, xx

Fabulously Liberated

Alhamdulillah! I received this journal as a gift. It has a thin paperback and a gorgeous cover, MashaAllah! The size is just perfect – big enough to write comfortably in and small enough to fit into my bag. It contains prompts, affirmations and illustrations that I cannot wait to colour in. 

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