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NANO … 2016 Edition

Assalamu aleikum…my post disappeared…Let’s try again…Let’s hope I wasn’t hacked! My 2015 Nano novel is in editing alhamdullilah. It will be out out by 2017 insha’Allah. This year, I want to try to write as much as I can on … Continue reading

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On Leaving Facebook

Assalamu aleikum readers and bloggers, I left Facebook! Do I hate this platform? No, on the contrary it was a very good way to connect with people. However, because I have higher priorities like maintaining my sanity, my loyalty to … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Activities (HSA) : Puzzles

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Bismillah, If I had to pick a kunya, I would pick Umm AB. And if I had to nickname my child, I would call this dragon/dinosaur ABsaurus. Seriously, he’s one *Laughs*. So let’s start! Our…

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The Writer

Bismillah, The Writer The writer has the gift of vision The writer sees the past The writer lives the present The writer imagines the future The writer has the gift of vision The writer listens to the unsung The writer … Continue reading

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Spin-Off Cité: A Collection of Flash Fiction Stories (FREE ON AMAZON FOR FIVE DAYS)

Assalamu aleikum bloggers! If you read all my published stories, 4 out of the 11 stories in this collection, Spin-Off Cité , will make sense to you. The free promotion starts on 10/24/2016 and ends on 10/28/2016 Below is the link:é-Collection-Fiction-Stories-ebook/dp/B01M8LQX0KContinue reading

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Nabila’s Garden – A Review — Hayati Magazine

Nabila’s Garden is a 172 page poetry collection by Hawa Fuseini, a 23-year-old Nigerian and Ghanaian Muslim. I found the collection inspiring at times, preachy at times, and a bit naive at other instances. I say naive because even when … Continue reading

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Catch Me by Na’ima B. Robert — Hayati Magazine

Catch Me is a collection of poetry I started reading a while back but I had to stop because my emotions weren’t on point. With poetry I have to be in the reflective zone otherwise, the words don’t permeate and … Continue reading

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Deeni Tales – A Review

Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
Deeni Tales is a 30 page children’s book composed of several short stories by Kadeeja Nourin Ibrahim. It’s the author debut book. These tales are aimed at Muslim children who love stories and can…

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Writerly Services — Brooke’s Workshop

Specializing in content for multi-cultural and Muslim audiences Editing By editing I mean copy editing, whereby I meticulously go over your document and make sure your grammar, word usage, sentence structure and punctuation is orderly before you reveal your work … Continue reading

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Other Services

Papatia Feauxzar offers translation services  (English and French) for full length short stories and novels. For more details, leave a comment. Source: Other Services

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What To Do When In An Asexual Relationship — Hayati Magazine

Bismillah, You will find a lot of information on how to rekindle a romance but very little information on how to deal with asexuality in a Muslim marriage. What is asexuality? Check this post to read more on it. As … Continue reading

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A Review of “I’m So Angry!”

Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
Author:  Sarah Javed Illustrator : Yati Yusoff Publisher : SH Publishing (Sarah’s Homeschool Publishing) What to expect: Self-reflection, Better parenting tips, Wudu technique, and a Happy family Summary: Huthayfah is an eight year old boy who…

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Of White Feminism, Hillary Clinton and Muslim Women

Originally posted on The Human Lens:
As the American election race is nearing, the world is buzzing with lots of anticipation with the only female Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This is deemed as the most wonderful thing for women…

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From East to West: Muslim Feminism Making Waves

Originally posted on The Human Lens: Earlier this week, I wrote “Of White Feminism, Hillary Clinton and Muslim Women” that met with interesting and eye-opening responses but the main debate persisted around the fact that Muslim women lag behind…

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