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#MuslimBookClub III

Bismillah ar-rahmani ar-rahimi Assalamu aleikum! Welcome to #MuslimBookClub third edition!!! We have several books on the roaster. Grab your drink and enjoy reading our thoughts on the books selected. Don’t go anywhere until you have read it all and perhaps … Continue reading

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Rights of a Writer by Author Hend Hegazi

I was recently scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and started reading a post that one of my friends had shared. As I read it, I recognized it as an article I had written for a magazine many months ago. The … Continue reading

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Behind Picket Fences – A Review

Behind Picket Fences is the second novel of Hend Hegazi, an Egyptian-American Muslim writer who lives in Alexandria, Egypt with her husband and four children. Her second novel just like the first one is nothing short than a masterpiece masha’Allah. … Continue reading

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I Had a Dream!

Originally posted on Between Sisters, SVP!:
? I Had a Dream! (Non-fiction Story-Personal Experience) ? In my family, the people that have premonitory dreams like in Normal Calm are my folks from my mother side. My sister and my mother also…

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NORMAL Calm – An Interview with the Author

http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/love-stories/normal-calm-interview-author/ *** Our first interview in this Love Stories category is with the Author of the masterpiece Normal Calm; Hend Hegazi. Assalamu aleikum Hend, thank you for being with Hayati Magazine today. Hend : Thank you for inviting me…I feel … Continue reading

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