30 Douas Pour Le Ramadan or 30 Duas for Ramadan

Assalamu aleikum!

<<Ô les croyants! On vous a prescrit as-Siyam comme on l´a prescrit à ceux d´avant vous, ainsi atteindrez-vous la piété,>> Coran 2 : 183

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous-” Quran 2 : 183

Sahih International


You can find duas designed for each day of Ramadan here in English.

For French, go on Fofky’s Blog.

“O Allah please continue to bring Ramadan upon us with security, safety, iman, Islam, your pleasure and protection from Shaytan.” Aameen.

Thank you for reading,

p.s. All the Shaytan are not locked in Ramadan ;)…



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Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She now works from home at https://hhaccountingsvcs.webs.com/ alhamdullilah. You can visit her website at www.djarabikitabs.com or her sister's website www.fofkys.com
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