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30 Douas Pour Le Ramadan or 30 Duas for Ramadan

Assalamu aleikum! <<Ô les croyants! On vous a prescrit as-Siyam comme on l´a prescrit à ceux d´avant vous, ainsi atteindrez-vous la piété,>> Coran 2 : 183 “O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed … Continue reading

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The Qunoot Dua in the Maliki Madhab

Assalamu aleikum, The words and the period this dua is supposed to be recited slightly differ depending on the school of thought one follows in Islam. I will share the Maliki version used in West Africa during the morning prayer. … Continue reading

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?YA ALLAH…. Protect us ! Ya ALLAH there is none who can save us except you. YA ALLAH FORGIVE US, for all the zillions millions sins we have done. Nothing is hidden from…

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