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“It takes more than good writing to be a successful writer. At the end of the day, publishing is for the business savvy. So strives to be business savvy to make it as an author.”— Papatia Feauxzar

The Ducktrinors: Malik, Book 2

To be a scholar, you must have ilm-knowledge, amal-obedience to Islam do and don’ts, and ikhlas-doing everything only to please Allah subhana wa ta ala. Malik Ducktrinor knows this. Since childhood, he has always striven for a steadfast faith so that he could perform a keeramat. Thus, he learned the deen and took his connection to His Creator seriously. Will he be able to save the day at the Battle Of The Stadium in Book 1? Read to find out!

The Ducks 2

The Ducktrinors: Hanifa, Book 1

Ducks New Cover



Clash of the Castes

Clash of the Castes02



Mistress of the Spices : Between Sisters, SVP 1

Aïda Mubarak is a mistress of ‘spices.’ Also a foodie and a recent newlywed , she reunites with her friend Nellie at a coffee shop terrace to catch up on old times. Will Aïda Mubarak spill the beans on her private affairs to satisfy the curiosity of her long time lost friend? Read to find out! (Between Sisters, SVP 1 revamped and edited. Coming soon insha’Allah. Stay tuned!)

Mistress of The Spices svp 1

Oblivion: Between Sisters, SVP 2

Aïda Mubarak is a also a Mistress of tricks. She hides a deep secret that Mussa isn’t aware of. Will this poppy be caught the hand in the bag? We’ll see in Between Sisters, SVP 2 insha’Allah! Stay tuned…


Between Sisters, SVP! by Papatia Feauxzar (Now Mistress of the Spices)


  “The Hazardous Life of Nilüfer”


 “The Dream” (Coming in 2016 insha Allah)

(Based on a true story- It is a story of a mother’s journey to make ends meet for her children)


“Her father’s student dreamed about her taking a plane to a land of opportunities. That was just the beginning…

Oumou (Umm) Cissé’s selective burial and dismissal of that important detail will come to her when she will have her back to the wall. If only she took that merdrassa boy seriously!

The American Dream that so many chase will prove itself to be a real challenge for her, then. Will she prevail in her touching journey to make and provide a better tomorrow for her children?”




Freedom Fighter” Novelette (Protagonist: Sheyma Kantay)


Fixed Up!” Short story (Protagonist: Najoua Nur Bikush)


Change of Shoes” Short story (Home of Ali Siddiqui & Nadia Beşir Nguyen)


Respect The Letters” Novelette (Protagonist : Rebecca Tia Lorenzo)


Zengi Girls“- Novella with several of my characters narrated by Najoua (Aïda, Nellie, Nilüfer, Pilar, Maïmuna, Mor Menescia, Yildiz, Sheyma, Nadia, and Lindsey)


The Nanny”  (Protagonist: Tasmeem Sheerluck: Secret agent aka ‘Agente Provocatrice’)


 – The Cursed Bride


Jazak’Allah Khair for peeking at this page,

Papatia Feauxzar
Author of the Djarabi Collection Series “Mistress of the Soices” ,  “The Hazardous Life of Nilüfer”, and Oblivion

Copyright © Papatia Feauxzar 2011- 2015


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