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Yaseen’s Big Dream — A Review

Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
Summary: Yaseen has got some big dreams. He dreams of helping his family, his friends, and his community. But is it really possible for a kid like Yaseen to do all of those things?…

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Assalamu aleikum, You can read it here. Thank you for reading,

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Interview with Umm Juwayriyah, creator of the first Muslim Fiction App

Originally posted on The Muslim Write:
Umm Juwayriyah, MA is the: – 2018 Highlights Foundation Fellow – #MuslimGirlsReader Founder and – New England Muslim Sisters Association Editor-in-Chief She is also the author of the As Sabr Publications Best Sellers: The…

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Author Spotlight: Papatia Feauxzar & Fofky’s Online Book and Coffee/Tea Shop

    Fofky’s Online Book and Coffee/Tea Shop Have you heard of Fofky’s Online Book and Coffee/Tea shop with a great selection of Muslim Fiction for adults and children? If you haven’t, don’t worry I’m here to put you on! Last … Continue reading

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NbA Muslim #BlackMuslimReads Twitter Chat Recap — NbA Muslims

Authors and readers converged on Twitter for the NbA Muslims #BlackMuslimReads Black Muslim History Month chat, which focused on the literary contributions of Black Muslims globally. The chat was a celebration of Black Muslim authorship and the essential roles of … Continue reading

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#BlackMuslimReads & #MuslimGirlsRead

Assalamu aleikum! Allah will not change the condition of the people until they do first. To stop the erasure of the contribution of Black Muslim Writers in the mainstream publishing industry, NbA Muslims in collaboration with Djarabi Kitabs Publishing, and … Continue reading

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Tried & Tested – An Interview With The Author Umm Juwayriyah

Papatia Feauxzar: Assalamu aleikum Umm Juwayriyah. Welcome to Hayati Magazine. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Umm Juwayriyah: Wa alykum as salam wa rahmatullah. Umm Juwayriyah (Maryam A.Sullivan) is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts and is a second … Continue reading

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Hind’s Hands – A Review

Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
? Authors : Umm Juwayriyah and Juwayriyah Ayed Illustrator : Emma Apple Publisher : As Sabr Publications What to expect: A patient family dealing a member who has a challenging disaility Summary: From bestselling…

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The Princess and the Good Deed – A Review

Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
Authors:  Umm Juwayriyah & Juwayriyah Ayed Illustrator : F.A.Ibrahim Publisher : As Sabr Publications What to expect: ‘an original Islamic fairy tale of kindness, friendship, and animal rights!’ Our Thoughts: The Princess and the…

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“The Size of a Mustard Seed” by Umm Juwayriyah – Covered Pearls Series

Originally posted on A Ducktrinor Mom:
The Size of a Mustard Seed is a great Ramadhan read I had the opportunity to finish on a road trip just before the 2016 fard fasting period. When your daily goals about reading or…

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