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Bismillah, We marry for different reasons; looks, money, deen, romantic attraction, physical attraction, sexual attraction, etc. While there are good and bad consequences to each of our choices, it’s important to note that some of the choices we make such … Continue reading

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Erotology, Islam, and More.

Assalamu aleikum! I just reviewed two books on Marriages, Erotology, and the Islamic Perspective. Please check them out on my website. Like A Garment  by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi Read review here. and Illuminating the Performance by Historian Habeeb Akande Read … Continue reading

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A Taste of Honey : A Review

A Taste of Honey : A Review *** Bismillah. A Taste of Honey is a well-researched manual for the benefit of the novice and the somewhat knowledgeable on delicate matters. Its Author, Habeeb Akande, is an Historian and an Erotologist. … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Taboo. Shall We?

Assalamu aleikum, This time, I went and done it! New post over at Hayati 🙂 lol! http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/lets-talk-taboo-shall-we/ *** An Interview with Brother Bilal Ibn Jimmy Stroud Bismillah. A little over a year ago, this article came out. The post spread … Continue reading

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Why Do We Decide To Forgive Our Spouses?

Jumah Mubarak! 🙂 http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/why-do-we-forgive-our-spouses/ *** Bismillah, You know what’s ageless? A fight between a couple. It never gets old. You’ll always argue about something. After the hurtful words and deep wounds we inflict upon each other, we go through a … Continue reading

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Spice Girls

Assalamu aleikum sisters, For the sisters who wanted to read my romantic work 😉 wink! http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/spice-girls/ Jazak’Allah khair for reading and please tell me your thoughts! Papatia Feauxzar

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http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/black-ish/ Anybody watched `Black-ish last night? If you haven’t or don’t know what it is, I will tell you. `Black-ish is an African-American TV series that airs on ABC. It’s about a successful black family that lives in a predominantly … Continue reading

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Keeping Secrets

Assalamu aleikum boggers! Another post. Hope it’s insightful. http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/marriage-relationship/keeping-secrets/ *** Should we tell everything to our halves? It depends. Many of us keep secrets from our spouses. These secrets can take many shapes. I will only touch up on withholding … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding 101 for Sexual Assaults Survivors

Assalamu aleikum bloggers, Jumah Mubarak! 🙂     http://hayatimagazine.com/living/breastfeeding-101-sexual-assault-survivors/ Jazak’Allah fkhair or reading, Papatia Feauxzar

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Intimacy While Breastfeeding

http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/intimacy-breastfeeding/ Jzk! P.Feauxzar

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Intimacy after a new addition

Assalamu aleikum all, I made Editor of Love and Relationships at HAYATi magazine mashaAllah! 🙂 Here is a new post! http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/intimacy-new-addition/ Jazak’Allah khair for reading, P.Feauxzar 🙂

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