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Dhul-Hijjah 1441 Book Club Recap

Assalamu aleikum, You can read the full post here. Thank you, Papatya*

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Muslim Readers Choice Awards!

Assalamu aleikum! Find out more here and vote!   Thanks for reading, Papatya*

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Muharram 1441 / September 2019’s Book Club Pick — We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

Assalamu aleikum! Read it at Fofky’s Blog here. Thanks,

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Dhul-Hijjah 1440 / August 2019’s Book Club Picks

Assalamu aleikum! This month book club picks are The City of Brass and the Candle and the Flame. Read them here and here. Also check out a review of The Lover by Laury Silvers here. * * Thanks for reading, … Continue reading

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On Online Book Club Recap

Assalamu aleikum, Check out the latest edition of Fofky’s Book Club.   Thanks for reading, Papatia Source : Fofky’s Blog.

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#MuslimBookClub III

Bismillah ar-rahmani ar-rahimi Assalamu aleikum! Welcome to #MuslimBookClub third edition!!! We have several books on the roaster. Grab your drink and enjoy reading our thoughts on the books selected. Don’t go anywhere until you have read it all and perhaps … Continue reading

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#MuslimBookClub II

This time #MuslimBookClub will be discussing Lost Islamic History.   “To understand the world of today, we must look at Islamic history and this book does a pretty good job at that. Great read I recommend to anyone; Muslims who have no idea … Continue reading

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Assalamu aleikum! #MuslimBookClub is a new collaboration by several online Muslim readers and book clubs to amplify Muslim voices. Our first initiative to discuss, educate, enlighten, support Muslim women and businesses amongst other things starts with a book titled Women in the Qu’ran. … Continue reading

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