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Written Vs. Not Written Stuff: Divorce Rights and Muslim Women Lives Part II

Originally posted on The Human Lens:
Part II Written by Papatia Feauxzar Bismillah, If we pay close attention to the media of many Muslim dominated countries, we will notice a very disturbing trend. In fact we will see women battered…

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Written Vs.Not Written Stuff: Divorce Rights and Muslim Women Lives Part I

Originally posted on The Human Lens:
Part I, Written by Saadia Haq of The Human Lens When two people marry each other, it is usually expected to last a life time and as a couple they work together in the…

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Single & Searching? We Got You Covered!

Meet Zara J. She has cool tips that could help you find the one with two good questions you might be asking yourself in your quest for love at last. Read on! Β  I.CONSISTENT OR CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT? No one likes … Continue reading

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Why Do We Decide To Forgive Our Spouses?

Jumah Mubarak! πŸ™‚ http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/why-do-we-forgive-our-spouses/ *** Bismillah, You know what’s ageless? A fight between a couple. It never gets old. You’ll always argue about something. After the hurtful words and deep wounds we inflict upon each other, we go through a … Continue reading

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Reasons Not to Rush into Marriage

Merhaba, http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/reasons-not-to-rush-into-marriage/ *** Bismillah, Nowadays, the ummah has a high rate of divorce. This is partly due to the fact that people rush into marriage without understanding what marriage entails or seeing the big picture. Marriage is about love yes, … Continue reading

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