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The difference between being busy and being efficient… — Time To Do Good Now

Bismillah We always say “I am too busy” but have we paused to think and ask ourselves if we are busy with the right things? Are we busy doing something and nothing at the same time?! I mean, are we … Continue reading

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We are bringing it…, Change.

Originally posted on my sXy specs!:
If you are an Indian reading this, then stop to whatever you are doing and pat yourself thrice, because we have again held ourselves high. Reason …….??/ It’s not about the recent Olympic medals…

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Men Take. Women Trick.

Assalamu aleikum! Long time! I hope all is well with you bloggers and that you had a wonderful Friday. Below is my short article in Hayati Mag. Please read! http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/men-take-women-trick/ *** Bismillah, I recently wrote an article called, “Why Do … Continue reading

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