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A Couple Tips

After the honeymoon phase passes, it’s hard at times to stay the hopeless romantics in a marriage. Some couples discover there are asexual. Other become obsessed with intimacy and many don’t even bother with it. It has become a chore … Continue reading

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Your Relationship Needs The A²

Assalamu aleikum, Please read my latest post at Hayati Magazine or here 🙂 insha’Allah. *** A good relationship needs The A² . What is The A²? It’s short for The Avenger and The Answerer. Nerdy right? I know! So, we … Continue reading

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Keeping Secrets

Assalamu aleikum boggers! Another post. Hope it’s insightful. http://hayatimagazine.com/relationship/marriage-relationship/keeping-secrets/ *** Should we tell everything to our halves? It depends. Many of us keep secrets from our spouses. These secrets can take many shapes. I will only touch up on withholding … Continue reading

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