Superheroes of Islam: Abu Bakr As-Siddiq رضي الله عنه — A Review

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Assalamu aleikum!

Author: Ammar Kidwai

Illustrator: Qamer Khatri

Summary:“Superheroes of Islam” is a book series that portrays the lives of past Muslim Heroes through the lenses of a young author. The book series intends to teach and give children a sense of pride in Islamic Heritage and use the lives of the Rightly Guided Leaders and Sahabas as an example of true heroes to follow. The first book of the series reveals a little bit about the life of the first Khalifa, and the lessons we should learn from his life.

Review:Superheroes of Islam Book 1 is a picture account of a young Muslim author of the righteous sahabaAbu Bakr As-Siddiq رضي الله عنه.

The book is faceless and uses simple symbolism to get to the point. In addition, using rhetorical questions, the author attempts to engage his audience in his short storytelling account of this…

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