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Believe – A Journal Review

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Summary: …a raw list…of list of the rules, obligations, guidelines, regulations, orders, directives, instructions (or however you’d like to perceive them) derived from the 114 chapters, 6,236 verses and 77,449 words in the Quran –…

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5 Steps To Write & Design Your Cookbook Like A Professional

Assalamu aleikum! 1) In a word document, dump all your recipes. Just write them. There will be time to edit later. Just get them out on paper first. 2) Take good and simple pictures. If you have old pictures of … Continue reading

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The Ducktrinors I & II – A Review by The Tsundoku Chronicles

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“I really enjoyed this book. It was so nice to see Muslim characters and I love that more books are coming out with Muslim rep. When I first heard of the book I was really…

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