The New Muslim’s Field Guide — A Review

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The New Muslim’s Field Guide by Theresa Corbin and Kaighla Um Dayo is a compelling self-help book of about 218 non-illustrated pages. For a start, it’s more than a new Muslim’s field guide. It navigates the intricacies of the many shades of Islam due to the plethora of cultural and school of thoughts of its adherents. And hands down, it’s a great start to guide the new Muslims understand Islam. Besides, I have always felt like there wasn’t enough out there or done to help new Muslims with salat and other accommodations such as decent support systems.

Having said all that, The Field Guide will also help people who plan in getting married outside the scope of their race and culture. I say this because had I read such a book seven years ago, many things I learned the hard way could have been avoided. All is not lost though, there is always a reason for our trials and a lesson to be learned. The Field Guide book will definitely help others perusing the thought of intra-cultural marriage.

May Allah also make this guide sadaqah juwayriyah for the authors, aameen.

To continue, the book spans over eighteen insightful chapters covering sensitive topics from reliable Islamic sources, cultural Islam, the real Islam, love, sex, marriage to Islamophobia amongst other subjects. The authors also share some ludicrous anecdotes to help the readers relate and keep them tuned in. It’s truly an easy read because Corbin and Um Dayo have a certain humorous pluck even when dealing with delicate and controversial topics in the ummah.

This is the look of my personal copy depicted below… If I tell you all about it, you won’t need to purchase it for the people around you who need it *laughs*.

the new guide papatias copy.jpg

I highly recommend The New Muslim’s Field Guide to new Muslims, single & searching folks, and any born Muslim who wants to reconnect with the faith.

Rating: 4.5/5

You can purchase it on paperback format at Amazon or at our e-Store. The book is also available in Kindle format on Amazon.

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