#MuslimBookClub II

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This time #MuslimBookClub will be discussing Lost Islamic History.

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“To understand the world of today, we must look at Islamic history and this book does a pretty good job at that. Great read I recommend to anyone; Muslims who have no idea of our history and non-Muslims who want to understand Islam.”— Fofky’s


“I honestly couldn’t put the book down, it goes through the history of Islam in the last 1400 years and how it spread from one country to another beginning with Prophet Mohammed SAW. It talks about rulers, statesmen, soldiers and personalities that have been neglected. It talks about the Umayyads, Abbasids and the Ottamans. I can see myself reading this again as its so informative. If you’re a history kinda person and want to find out more about Islam, this is the book for you.”— Author Shoohada Khanom on IG

shoohada revive your heart“I liked the way it was broken up into five parts and every part was relevant in our time. It starts off with ‘Connecting with Allah through dua’, then moves on to ‘Creating a cohesive muslim community’. Third part is on ‘Financial dealings’ and fourth talks about ‘Some contemporary issues’. Lastly my favourite part ‘Focusing on the Akhirah’. That left me contemplating about life, a lot and that’s what I wanted the book to do.”— Author Shoohada Khanom

Now, the hard part…Fofky’s billion dollar question!

Fofky’s: With the hot waters the author landed in, do you think we should toss his book Revive Your Heart regardless of the knowledge it emanates? No backbiting and disrespecting scholars but we need this question tackled.

SK: It’s an easy one for me, Alhamdulilah. I’ll take the good and leave the bad, more so because I’ve got the book already. He’s not the first and he won’t be the last. It has definitely put me off him, although once again, if I see something of benefit I wouldn’t hesitate to click the link. I mean, NAK is still going out, teaching Qur’an and delivering lectures! … It was all in the air, now it’s completely died down, both extremes. No updates, no nothing. Allahu Alim.

The Muslimah BookClub’s IG review 

lost islamic muslimah 2“See how History repeats itself! See how many times the Muslim World fell yet rose again victorious! See the light that came and took people out of darkness! Subhanallaah! And anyone who says that Muslim rule conquered lands whether in the East or the West or North or South through bloodshed and Massacres or that people were forced to convert to Islam is a liar! The superiority and truthfulness and justice of Islam is what allowed Islam and the Muslims to once have had the largest Empire in the world! The best thing about this book is the Author starts from the beginning and moves forward gradually, well not exactly gradually but a good enough pace. He even mentioned when the study of Fiqh and the Great Scholars such as Hanifah, Imam Malik, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and Shafi’i as well as Ibn Taymiyah and Imam Bukhari come in.”

men review of lost islamic history

“I love this book! I attest that I’ve read several Islamic history books down the years but none as concised yet detailed and timeline conscious as this masterpiece, since the pre-Islamic Arabia to the birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad until the demise of the Ottoman Empire.” — Afzan Yusuf on IG.

As responsible Muslims, we should always be curators of our time with our works and arts. One such timely piece is Tight Rope depicted below by Author Sahar AbdulAziz.


We asked book club member Umm Afraz some questions about Tight Rope. Check her review here and read what she has to say below.

Fofky’s: Did this book seem realistic?

UA: Yes. In fact, the movie was running in my head the whole time. If this were to be made into a movie, I would definitely watch it. But hey, #booksarealwaysbetterthanmovies *wink*.

Fofky’s: What do you think of the book’s title?

UA: The title Tight Rope fits perfectly. The characters, especially the protagonist, and the antagonist walked the tight rope, leading to the climax. And the book takes the readers on it too.

Fofky’s: What feelings did this book evoke for you?

UA: Discrimination, Pity, Love, Loss, Sympathy, Unity.

Basically, a pot-pourri of emotions *smiley face*.

Thank you to Umm Afraz for her succinct and sufficient answers. We always thought Tight Rope could be a great movie too masha’Allah. We will share questions and answers about books we are reading as they come insha’Allah dear Muslim readers. Thank you for reading.

Current and future reads of #MuslimBookClub insha’Allah.

Great Muslims of the West  saffron-cover

centering black narrative  dukyarian promo 1.png

Add them to your reading list today.


nh women in quran“They all had to deal with hardships and the way they dealt with it is not only written about in the Quran but praised and shown as an example that these women were amazing. These are some of the most inspiring women for me and I love reading about them! I would definitely recommend this book!”

— NH, The Tsundoku Chronicles

Fofky’s: What did you like best about this book?

NH: What I loved about it was reading the stories of these amazing women that are mentioned in the Quran. I enjoyed reading her perspective on their lives and she wrote it in a way that showed how empowered they were in all different walks of life. I’m always looking for books about women in Islam so it was refreshing to find one written by a woman.

Fofky’s: What did you like least about this book?

NH: I think what I liked least was the way it was written. I know lots of people who aren’t really readers and they would probably struggle to read the book. So I felt it wasn’t completely accessible. I didn’t always agree with the authors opinions on everything but I still liked reading a females’ perspective.

gen m 1“The book nails the depiction of contemporary young Muslims: innovative, entrepreneurial, trend catchers and setters, steadfast in faith, and very passionate about improving their lifestyle because they believe that faith and modernity go hand in hand.”— Fofky’s

Read full review online at SISTERS Mag here.

What other books are you currently reading #MuslimBookClub Tribe?

We leave you with some questions about all these books.


1.What did you like best about this book?
2. How original and unique was this book?
3.What new things did you learn?
4.What did you like least about this book?

Feel free to send your answers and questions back to info@fofkys.com.

Read about other books on #MuslimBookClub list here and here.

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