How Do You Become A Bestseller Author?

Assalamu aleikum!

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This question is always on writers and authors’ minds. Today I want to tackle the subject and be blunt about it. So how can a writer achieve such a goal?

  1. You can offer your book for free to readers in the hope that they will at least be thankful for the free gift and leave you a review
  2. You can write a BIG check to print tons of copies. Whether or not the books are read is not your problem. You want quantities of books you can display everywhere around the country to mind game the audience.
  3. Organically. This is very rare, and it happens when your book is so UNIQUE and unprecedented that people genuinely go out to buy it. An example of that is with the HP Series, E.L.James’s trilogy (Though I don’t think it’s a great writing piece of art), Black Panther, etc. Only few books or movies sell on their own. Very few do as a matter of fact. The rest are rigged by the publishers. So may Allah increase our rizq. Ameen.Papatia Bestselling authorIn addition, my free story on Amazon  Fixed Up! has over 300 free downloads and you only need 100 to be an Amazon Bestseller. It’s no longer listed above under Bestselling Books because it’s no longer on Kindle Unlimited. As you can see, it doesn’t have lots of reviews.  I can count many books with this problem. Many business and finance books I used during school are actually New York Times Bestsellers and what not. Now, many of my authored books have more reviews than them. So go figure about a bestseller. Read more here.

This also leads to how to get reviews. You can:

  1. Buy readers
  2. Chase readers you know to please perform by leaving a review tenor
  3. Use a paid review service. It will come down to the ethic values you hold.
  4. Advertise. Here you will reward your hosts for their time and effort. In kind or $ .

Having said all that, there is a fine line between all these above. The gray line where you go from organic, genuine, to shady. You make the call.

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On another note, The Ducktrinors Book I & Book II comes out on March 31st, 2018 insha’Allah. Find out what happens next.

Thank you for reading.


Papatia Feauxzar, Author & Publisher 


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Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. You can visit her website at or her sister's website
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15 Responses to How Do You Become A Bestseller Author?

  1. asiila says:

    salaams: hey, FIX ME UP! with a copy of that book. I missed it. 😉
    i will definitely leave a review too!

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  2. Robyn Z Abdusamad says:

    This was quite informative. Thanks for sharing sis.

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  3. Sana Khan says:

    100 % Agreed and empathize with all the self publishing authors. Its very difficult to sell your book if you are not connected with people in Media Houses to advertise and big publishing houses..I have completely postponed the idea of writing my book..seeing the current situation 🙈🙈..

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  4. Sana Khan says:

    Btw waiting for Ductrinors part 2!

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  5. Awesome read. A hard pill for some people, but it needed to be said. Keep on, sis!

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    • Papatia says:

      Thx Gurl! Keep up the good work too 🙂 xx. At least the snobs know that I have seen and met real successful and bestsellers authors; not teenagers and wannabe authors, lol! #DansLaCoursDesGrands 😉


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