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Unveiled is a riveting poetry collection with a short essay on the author’s journey to wearing hijab.

DALLAS, TX – November 26th, 2017. DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING has officially released Unveiled a short poetry collection by Rumki Chowdhury. The eBook version is free on Djarabi Kitabs’ e-Store. All proceeds from the eBook and the paperback will go to charity.

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The author shared her noble reasons and motivations for penning her first poetry collection in a tense climate of Saving Muslimah Syndrome (SMS).

“Debate surrounding the veil/headscarf/hijab has become so prominent that even the European Union has given employers the right to implement a policy, barring religious symbols. This so-called attempt on assimilation is really an annihilation of personal identity. I am a hijabi and I should have the right to create and develop my own, personal identity. The hijab gives me wings so that I can fly!

I aim to contribute to the termination of the misconception of the hijab. My goal is to show hijab as a symbol of freedom rather than the commonly, misunderstood notion of  it being a symbol of imprisonment. “Because of this thing on my head,” I am, indeed, free!  I have decided to write for purpose rather than profit as all proceeds will go to the charity that gives “voice to the voiceless,” Restless Beings.” — Rumki.C

Unveiled has received a myriad of praises from respected sources.

“A richly, imaginative lyrical anthology, which is unapologetic in its prose. And will leave every Hijabi energised for the future! …This collection is a profound meditation on the tempestuous and unpredictable relationship Muslim woman have with Hijab.”— Fatima Shah, SISTERS Magazine.

“Rumki describes the thoughts of a veiled woman in the form of delicate and well-formulated poems, while portraying the daily struggle of a hijabi in the western society. A beautiful, educational anthology, serious in its message with hints of humor. This has to be read by everyone!” — Shama Vafaipour, Svenska Hijabis (Swedish Hijabis)

“A diverse, yet integrated collection of poetry, each told in a very fun and exciting way. Rumki elegantly encapsulates the ideology of wearing the hijab told in a quirky and empathetic manner! She offers food for the mind, body and soul.” — Rima Rouf, BBC TV/Digital Media Producer

“Chowdhury writes about the hijab from her own perspective, as a symbol of choice and empowerment, as opposed to than one of oppression; her writing provides an authentic voice, which is extremely necessary when it comes to the discussion of such topis; we are in desperate need of having more genuine, witty, and sincere female Muslim voices like hers to be at the forefront of our discourse.” — Sadia Ahmed, Sincerely Sadia

“There are several lines that hit me like “WOW” and if I could I’d quote every single line on here but you’d have to purchase it to see for yourself (support the community, thanks x).”— Su’ad, The Millennial Muslim

“Rumki uses poetry and illustrations for readers to easily capture the daily struggles of veiled women while offering words of inspiration to be proud of who you are. I was left empowered and I couldn’t help but smile throughout reading it.” Kaity Assaf, Opinions Editor, Rutgers Observer Newspaper.

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About the author:

Rumki has a Masters in English Literature from Queen Mary University of London and a Bachelors in English Writing from William Paterson University of New Jersey. She is now a licensed English teacher in Stockholm, Sweden. You can learn more at .


Unveiled is available for FREE here. You can purchase it here , here, and here so we can donate all proceeds to Restless Beings.



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