Surprise! by Dr. Zaheera Jina


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Surprise! by Zaheera Jina is the first book signed to Djarabi Kitabs Publishing (DKP). What was supposed to be a fellow author helping another to publish a children’s book in the USA paved the way and basically opened the DKP door to other Muslim authors seeking publishing services masha’Allah. Thus, Dr. Zaheera Jina is the first author that signed with DKP. It has been a little rough journey but alhamdullilah the book is finally available. Zaheera Jina really helped speed up the opening of the door as the founder had wanted to do that but was dragging her feet a bit.

To continue, Surprise! is a bit different than the others books as the author wrote and designed it herself. It’s really original in its own ways and showcases a coloring enthusiast at work masha’Allah.


The font for the texts is called ‘Dyslexia’. It was specifically chosen to assist children with reading difficulties. 20% of USA’s sales will go to a charity of the author’s choosing insha’Allah.

You can buy your copy here on Amazon. Click here for the eBook link. To know more on Zaheera Jina please visit DKP’s website on the page Women Authors.

Jazakh’Allah khair for reading,

~A Ducktrinor Mom~

Surprise cover



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