Adult Coloring Books Must Have

Bismillah ar-rahmani ar-rahimi,

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My life is very hectic like many people out there. While I enjoy being productive whilst keeping my tongue moist with His remembrance, this lifestyle often gets to me and I crash. Many times, I stay away from the computer for a whole day to re-boot. The majority of the time, I enjoy baking, walking or going to the park to clear my head. There I get some fresh air alhamdullilah. Other times though, I really get a kick at coloring #colormania. Coloring helps me focus. It also soothes me. My favorite time of the day to color is when both babies-Husband & Son- are taking a small nap after fajr prayer. This is my favorite and most productive time of the day alhamdullilah. 

I find pages to color for my son and I in many places online like :

Just because it’s geared to children doesn’t mean adults can’t have fun coloring it *wink* . You want to know a ‘secret’? I still buy clothes in the early teen section at Walmart to wear at home! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. The casual dresses fit like gloves since I’m small and Texas is really warm. When I go out, it’s a different affair though; I’m thoroughly covered to the toes!

Anyways, I have my personal stash of coloring books I want to share with you.

1. The Big Reconnecting Selflove Journal: Prompts and Affirmations to Love Your Fitra Self by Brooke Benoit and Khalida Haque

self love journal 1

“The Big Reconnecting Selflove Journal features unique writing prompts and loving affirmations, reminders to love yourself as Allah has made you – a unique individual with incredible strengths and talents to use in this life, benefiting yourself and others. The journal’s users can savor its prompts, returning to them from time to time making the entries long and rich, a full reflection of themselves.

The inspiring quotes come from a surprising range of sources, from well-known historical figures in Islam to a two-time Super Bowl champion. The journal includes both lightly lined pages and several unlined pages for doodling or bullet journaling, as well as a few coloring projects for your relaxing enjoyment.

Originally these prompts were crafted for the adventurous, fitra-healing sisters who join Khalida Haque and Brooke Benoit at The Big Reconnect Sleepover, a retreat in Morocco exclusively for Muslim women. Stori Dori appreciated the work enough that they have chosen to release the journal as part of their Collaborative Signature Collections. The Big Reconnecting Selflove Journal is also available to purchase as a dori journal insert at”

Below is a page of The Self Love Journal, I’m having fun coloring. I boost my self-confidence and self-love at the same time with the prompts scattered through the pages aH. I ate all the cookies…oops!

The Islamic promo 1

2. The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book who had gotten my attention back in 2016 when the author Theresa Corbin first self-Published is wonderful mA with all bias set aside. The version below is the second edition masha’Allah. Oh! Here are the cookies before I devoured them…

the iacb promo 2

3. Vibrant Soul – Colouring Inspired By Rumi

I put in an order for this book a while ago and I’m looking forward to receive it insha’Allah.


“This inspirational adult colouring book will take you on a spiritual journey to a world of swirling darvesh, majestic minarets, intricate floral patterns and wondrous birds.

Thought-provoking and uplifting quotes included inside are inspired by the eastern master poet, Jalal al-Din Rumi.”

Author Roszeen Afsar’s style is more inky than the other two. But I enjoy the creativity and diversity of all these artists alhamdullilah. They achieve the purpose of their art; making the colorer reflect and relax.

Now, all these are available or soon to be at Djarabi Kitabs Publishing and Fofky’s Online Book Cafe where we have themed boxes like Fofky’s Adult Colormania Box 1 and Fofky’s Adult Colormania Box 2. Check them out if you can here!

colormania box 1                      colormania box 2.png

Our subscriptions boxes are awesome masha’Allah! Check out some pictures 🙂 from our recipients below!

Fofkys Sahar Box Fofkys Aisha Idris Box Fofkys Layla Box sahar box 2

Jazakh’Allah khair for reading,

Papatya* aka The Coloring Freak


P.S. I use markers because there are brighter than regular crayons. One tip; make sure you have/insert an extra page behind the page you’re coloring so that the markers don’t leave spots on your uncolored pages. One more thing, printing label paper works best! Tata! 🙂 xx

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5 Responses to Adult Coloring Books Must Have

  1. Aisha Id says:

    Damn I am taking out my markers now to fill some pages of my adult coloring books. 😀

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  2. Papatia says:

    Awesomeness Alhamdullilah! 🔥💐💕😊🎉🎊🤗🔥


  3. Sana Khan says:

    I have bought crayons and colors last year hoping that I will color but they are still there packed intact, didnt get enough motivation to first draw and then color , I think I should start with these color books first,

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