NANO … 2016 Edition

Assalamu aleikum…my post disappeared…Let’s try again…Let’s hope I wasn’t hacked!


My 2015 Nano novel is in editing alhamdullilah. It will be out out by 2017 insha’Allah.

This year, I want to try to write as much as I can on my work-in-progress (wip) Clash of the Castes. It’s about a much prosperous Science-Fictive and Dystopian Africa.

Clash of the Castes02

I will try to reach 50,000 words but I’m not keeping my hopes high because I have other things to do like reading, writing reviews, articles, daily chores, actual accounting work, etc.

Now, I’ll certainly try to write 50,000 words insha’Allah.

I’m also going to try to meet writers in my area. I’ll let you know how it goes insha’Allah! Stay tuned! 😉

So who is nanoing this coming November?




Nano picture credit: Google

About Papatia

Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She now works from home at alhamdullilah. You can visit her website at or her sister's website
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