Build Your Arabic Vocabulary Series by Dr. Alia Khaled

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Build Your ArabicBuild Your Arabic Vocabulary series is by Dr. Alia Khaled. She’s a multi talented person masha’Allah. I enjoyed reading her four free books while my son pointed at images or just sat next to me and being mischievous as usual. I can read Arabic but at snail pace… This series is perfect because not only it’s for beginners, it’s also visual. The series is composed of four books : Arabic Letters, Arabic Numbers, Colors in Arabic, and Shapes in Arabic.

Arabic numbers

Arabic numbers


Arabic Letters

This is assuming that your children or yourselves already know the different letter positions at the beginning, middle, and end.

Arabic letters

Link :

Color names in Arabic

Arabic colorsLink :

Shapes in Arabic

Arabic ShapesLink :

If you aren’t fluent like me, it’s definitely a collection to have to increase yours and your children’s Arabic vocabulary, some of which you might…

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3 Responses to Build Your Arabic Vocabulary Series by Dr. Alia Khaled

  1. Is this also suitable to adults, or would you recommend other books for adult readers? Would love to find a good book to introduce me to Arabic!

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    • Papatia says:

      It’s good for adults too but you might need to read my experience to know how to recognize the different letters depending on their positions (beginning, middle, and end) :). Thx for reading it!


  2. khansana1000 says:

    I think I need this for self learning Arabic 🙂 I try checking free sites and online material for learning arabic but having a book is always better .


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