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L’Américaine – Part 4 (French & English)

Femta Compaoré est une mère célibataire qui tente de divorcer de son premier mari Obê quand Uthman entre dans sa vie à un point où elle croit qu’elle n’a plus d’espace dans son cœur pour l’amour. Lit sur Amazon. ©Papatia … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Tips Part 2

Assalamu aleikum, Personal Finance Tips are a multitude and as technology evolves and new currencies are created in the virtual world you need more tips to stay alert when it comes to your personal finances. 1. Make sure to check … Continue reading

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Five Children Books To Have

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Go Away Bad Mood : Bad Mood is chased away by Big Belle, Susie Squirrel and her friend Gus, Dorothy Doe, and Lady Golden Beak. In this rhyming fantasy, Bad Mood, the gloomy, ugly guy tries to ruin their day…

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The Narrative 9 of Children’s Books

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Nightly News With Safa : Safa’s tired of the same old sad news she sees on TV, so she comes up with a wonderful idea! She creates her own broadcast about the who, what, when,…

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