The Broken Half- A Review

Sahar book coverSahar Abdulaziz is a resident of Pennsylvania. From her website, Sahar Abdulaziz graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology before going on to earn her master’s degree in health and wellness promotion and administration. Also holding a certification in community health, she has answered hotline phones and worked as a domestic violence counselor/advocate. Abdulaziz, as a staunch advocate for mutual respect and acceptance, currently acts as a speaker and writer dedicated to helping those with hidden and painful disorders cope more successfully.

Her Book The Broken Half is a tale about domestic violence and how if left unchecked causes a lot of collateral damages. The story saddened me on numerous occasions because of the trials her characters went through; especially Zahra Evans. The assaults on Zahra traumatized me for a few days until I decided to make an effort to turn the page. I have to applaud the author Abdulaziz for penning such heavy materials which need to be discussed and resolved in our communities. That said, domestic violence is not only rampant in Muslim communities. As a matter of fact, it’s present in non-Muslims communities as well. The book doesn’t touch on that and I think it’s perhaps to say that she would write about what she knows of. You can’t write about what you don’t know. That’s my number one rule as a writer; don’t preach to the choir but surround facts with believable fiction.

Furthermore, Abdulaziz didn’t patronize anybody (Muslims or non-Muslims) in this story. I like these kind of stories which show the weaknesses of human nature and where the root of the problem started. Great fiction debunking the realities of domestic violence and its failing advocates within the story.

I also appreciate that at the end of her stories just like in As One Door Closes, Abdulaziz lists places where victims of domestic abuse, rape, and/or incest can seek help at anonymously.

Thank you for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar

About Papatia

Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She now works from home at alhamdullilah. You can visit her website at or her sister's website
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29 Responses to The Broken Half- A Review

  1. This sounds like quite a heavy going, emotional book. x

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  2. I suffered 11 years of domestic violence and am now diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD so I think I would be able to relate to this book in many ways

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  3. Ana De Jesus says:

    Domestic violence in any case is completely wrong and should be stopped but I like that she spoke about such a taboo topic honestly and without judgement. Is it on Amazon?

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  4. It is so important for books like this to be out there to reach out to women who are going through the same experiences x

    Miss Kitty Kaos – Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

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  5. Colette B says:

    It sounds like a really thought provoking read. As you say, domestic violence isn’t confined to one community.

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  6. Zoe L says:

    Domestic Violence is completely wrong, think I may have to find it and have a read

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  7. My friend is going through domestic violence at the moment so very close to home. Sounds like a hard hitting book xxx

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  8. TheLondonMum says:

    Oh wow, what an amazing sounding book. I hope it helps some people realise the situation they’re in and use her help at the end to get out of it. I would love to read this, as I think her working experiences would really enable a stronger reaction in terms of getting to the basics.

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  9. This book sounds amazing, i will have to add it to my must-read list 🙂

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  10. kacielmorgan says:

    It sounds like a very thought provoking book, must take a look at it myself 🙂

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  11. Wow this is deep. Domestic abuse is so wrong.

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  12. Anca says:

    I would like to read the book. Domestic violence is such a difficult subject and sadly so many times the victim is blamed instead of the attacker.

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  13. Idaintyit says:

    It sounds like a really powerful book but I don’t think I could read this as it sounds upsetting

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  14. Charli says:

    It sounds like a very good book! I didn’t live with my mum growing up because of domestic violence in her household so was bought up by my dad to be kept away from it so its something that is close to home, she suffered for nearly 20 years before being able to break free x

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  15. Sounds like an emotional book. It is important people speak out about things like this x

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  16. Rachel says:

    I always hope that books written on subjects like this reach out to victims, as hard going as they are x

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