Family Tree: From Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA)

This is very cool masha’Allah :).

Majestic Islam

The below chart illustrates the lineage of the Prophets from Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) ‘rahmat al il alamin. This chart is not created on my own, it is the same chart which is available on the internet on several websites. I am posting it on Majestic Islam, because I believe this is an interesting illustration to share with everyone.

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5 Responses to Family Tree: From Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA)

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  2. SOHEIR says:

    May Allah bless you!


  3. Husayn says:

    this family tree is very incorrect Verily the Prophet (may peace be on him), whenever he related his genealogy, did not go beyond Ma`add Ibn ‘Adnan Ibn Udad,

    Volume 1, Parts 1.11.3
    He (Ibn Sa’d) said: Hishám informed us; he said: My father informed me on the authority of Abu Sàlih, he on the authority of Ibn `Abbas; he said:Verily the Prophet (may peace be on him), whenever he related his genealogy, did not go beyond Ma`add Ibn ‘Adnan Ibn Udad, then he kept quiet and said: The narrators of genealogy are liars, since Allah says: “There passed many generations between them.” (Al-Qur’an; 25:38)Ibn `Abbas says: The Prophet would have been informed of the genealogy (prior to ‘Adnan by Allah) if he (Prophet) had so wished.

    Volume 1, Parts 1.11.4
    He (Ibn Sa`d) said: `Ubayd Allah Ibn Musa al-`Absi informed us; he said; Isra’il informed us on the authority of Abu Ishàq, he on the authority of ‘Amr Ibn Maymun, he on the authority of `Abd Allah:Verily he recited “(The tribes of) `Ad and Thamud and those after them; none save Allah knoweth them.” (Al-Qur’an; 14:9) The genealogists are liars.

    with this being said first off the Adites conquered Iraq and Syria , mixing with the Akkadians and Amorites(Imliq) making them Aws in origin when actual tribe of Ad perished Prophet Hud PBH was with the Thamud , who are from him , they lived from Al Hijr to greater part of Syria mixing with the Assyrians and when actual tribe of Thamud perished it was the Imliq who are from Prophet SaaleH PBH , the Akkadians and Amorites(Imliq) formed the Nabateans who are the Arameans who are the Cahldeans who Prophet Abraham PBH comes from the Akkadians and Amorites (Imliq) are Arami because they mixed with the Ad and Thamud and they had element of Arphaxad because people of Arphaxad were dwelling in the West during the time of Ad and Thamud ,The descendants of Prophet Hud and Saleh PBH are the Akkadians and Amorites(Imliq) and Amorites and Akkadians mixed with Canaanites who are the straight haired Dravidians who are the original Mediterranean and Sumerian people and the other Canaanite people is same as pure Native Americans and also there was element of North Africa as Egypt ruled up the coast of Syria you just have to see the bedouins of Jordan , you will see the Canaanite mixes I am referring to one is dark to braown with lank hair and the other is fair with red type skin tone and they grow their hair long

    Th Adnani and QaHtani and probably Israelites mixed into that

    Chaldeans mixed with the Indo Aryan (Iranic) Medes Kurds (by the way are not originally European in feature also the Lydians before these two Indo aryan groups it was Hittites and Mitanni , Hittites became Neo Hittites(Lydians) and Mitanni has same origin as Medes or the Medes came out from the Mitanni


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