Is He Into You?

Assalamu aleikum,



I read this article and I thought, well there is a need to tell non-Muslims how it works for us Muslims. Or at least from my Muslimah experience.

If you land a good to great Muslim man, you’re set when it comes to be the ‘apple of his eyes.’ Now, because good to great Muslim brothers ‘be difficult’ at times, don’t take their flaws as a sign of a failed relationship. Nothing in this life is supposed to be easy. With hardship comes ease, so always expect bad times but don’t be pessimistic. There is a fine line between the two. Besides if you face no challenges in your life, how can you appreciate your success and how far you’ve come?

So how do you know that your hermit, poker face, few saying words Muslim man is into you? He might be a few more other words that I can’t think of right now but we will stick with what we have for now.

1.He’s capable of grand gestures when you least expect it. For instance, he’ll vacuum, cook, and clean the house for you without expecting sex later on.

2.He will recount your words about something you told him ages ago while he acted non-interested. What? He was actually listening? would be your reaction when he repeats what you said word for word.

3.You don’t need to meet all his male friends to know he loves you especially if he pays attention to mahram boundaries. He rather not know your girlfriends and sisters very well. He avoids them like the plague and they might peg him as a jerk. Good for you because that will keep them girls for trying anything funny toward him. Meeting his mom, dad, his sisters, female cousins, and aunts are enough for you to know that you’re a keeper. He fears Allah.

4. He text messages you often. He also emails you cute cards out of the blue or emails you a nice card when you had a fight. He loves to take the blame even if he’s not at fault.

5.He’s corny and gets/knows obscure pop culture references to make you laugh when you least expect it. Because of his shy and quiet character, you never pegged him for a cliché cute dork.

6.Whenever you voice a need, he strives to offer what he has to you. ‘You can have my phone, my car, my computer, etc’ he would say because yours broke down or got lost. This one is tricky too. He also doesn’t want to spend money by offering his sometimes ;)! Haha, classic ‘sunnah frugal’ Muslim man. I say stingy! 😛 But it’s cute when they don’t ignore your needs. It means a lot. They care!

7.He remembers to do something he promised you he would do when the two of you are not on speaking terms. For instance, he finally fixed the kitchen cabinet you asked to fix eons ago. That’s love right there. Even if he’s mad at you, he strives to do right by you.

8.He saves the last bite of a meal or the last few ounces of succulent drink for you. Not because he belittles you but because he wants you to have that baraqah. He could be selfish and keep it for himself. #cleanyourplate #don’twaste #notetomyselffirst.

9. When you’re sick, he’s sad and attends to your needs no matter what they are. He really looks after you without whining. He prays for you as well.

10.When he’s in love with you, he follows the sunnah of the bedroom. You’ll ‘see beautiful stars’ before him or be in sync with him to ‘see the stars.’ He’ll care for your needs there first.

11. He buys you things you need that you didn’t ask for such as a simple cell phone case, an earpiece, etc. He’s thoughtful. He also brings you little presents from work such as candy, a cookie, a muffin, a single flower, etc. Nothing extravagant but something that shows his heart was in a right place and you’re at the center of it.

12. He tells you that you’re awesome and he brags to his family and your family about you without attracting evil eye on the pair of you.

13. He’s awkwardly poetic and he keeps everything meaningful you give him or pertaining to the love you share in organized files digitally. That way he can go find them easily to reminisce. He still messes with paper and that’s the last resort.

14. He loves to hug you and enjoy the moment. Saying I love you is inferred in that moment you share.

You’re the center of their worlds if you see all that! Actions mean so much more than words. Remember that ukhtys.

Jazak’Allah khair for reading and share with us how you know he’s into you besides the fact that he married you for the deen.


Papatia Feauxzar

About Papatia

Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She now works from home at alhamdullilah. You can visit her website at or her sister's website
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  1. I guess the same applies for us Muslim guys too when wondering is she’s into us?

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  2. anchorkeidi says:

    Nice. And I like the picture too 🙂

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