Anybody watched `Black-ish last night? If you haven’t or don’t know what it is, I will tell you. `Black-ish is an African-American TV series that airs on ABC. It’s about a successful black family that lives in a predominantly white neighborhood. The husband Dre Johnson is in the entertainment business. The wife who is a Physician is called Rainbow. Her parents were hippies. She is half white. And the children are a number of rascals and attention seekers.

The eldest daughter is the popular kid at school. She is very conceited and not the brightest crayon in a Crayola box when it comes to school. The eldest son is a nerd and has no game. The last two children are fraternal twins. While the youngest girl is a psychopath and the smartest cookie of the bunch, her twin brother is a mischievous manipulator that thrives on attention and pranks. He received tons of Valentine’s cards when his sister received only one or two cards.

So last night, it was a Valentine’s episode. I don’t celebrate Valentine ’s Day by the way but you will understand why I am bringing up this episode soon.

Like every year, Dre has the same routine for this big night for them which is taking out his wife to the same restaurant and giving her a gift. For him, it will be a success because as a man he unintentionally has a short memory of past events.

On the other hand, Rainbow aka Bow like the true woman she is, dreads that night because it also means a big fight will occur. She just assumes that because her marriage Valentine’s statistics show this. She hates Valentine’s day. Therefore, she is already in a bad mood and forecasts rain clouds at the horizon for the night.

When they were about to leave for their big night, Dre asked if she was going to change which she was going to but because he said something, she decided to rub him the wrong way and not change. He didn’t even mean anything bad but it came out wrong to her. What was he trying to say? She didn’t look good in her clothes?

We hate critiques. Who doesn’t? We just try to get used to it. We women do that! We hate being told what to do! Even if it comes from a good place, we don’t like being lectured especially when we are already mad at thin air. That pushes us to sabotage things purposely.

To go back on track, he apologized and they left. She was still huffing and puffing at theinciting incident. In the car, she tried to relax by finding comfort in the fact that they would eat at a different restaurant other than Fabiano’s at least for once and that counted for something after she picked more fights in the car about his pronunciation of certain words.

At the mention of Fabiano’s, the light bulb went on in Dre’s mind and he agreed with her when the GPS pointed out that he was worse than Pinocchio. He quickly recovered by saying that the address was saved from last year. That was hilarious! I was dying laughing between multitasking at eating dinner, nursing the baby, cooking dinner for another day, and surfing the net.

They got to the last minute restaurant picked and Bow knew he was lying when her husband said he had reservations for the new location. To avoid the embarrassment of being turned down, she hmphed and excused herself to go to the restrooms. That gave enough time to Dre to bribe the receptionist to find them a table on this busy “booked” night.

When she returned, he magically had a reservation. That didn’t impress Bow one bit. As women we are intuitive and skeptical that way, lol! It takes a lot to convince us that we were wrong. We are always right! Haha!

So, as they say there on a small table, crowding the space of another white couple, the waiter came to take their order. Dre couldn’t pick one thing to save his life. Rainbow was so frustrated because she already knew what she wanted, short ribs. She was also aggravated because she knew he was making all this running around when he was going to pick chicken anyways. Everybody loves chicken and especially black folks. Even they’re both Black, her white side is always being picked on and racial stereotypes always surfaces. Good and bad. I can relate and I know many other interracial couples who can as well.

Moving on! Bow asked the waiter to come back in a few minutes so that her husband can have some time to decide. Like a child, he was distracted about everything they had on the menu. Thus adding more fuel to the fire. It also didn’t help that the woman from the white couple admired her olive jumpsuit. Bow gave more stink eyes to Dre for not appreciating her outfit from the beginning.

As he continued to look over the menu, she friended the woman in the white couple’s space they crowded with their table. The waiter came back around and Dre was still indecisive. She continued rolling her eyes until he picked chicken. Takbir! Allahu Akbar!

But not so fast… Now the waiter had to inform her that somebody had just ordered the last short ribs! When she thought the storm at the horizon was going to pass and this happened. Mad at him, she lunched WW2 on him and they started swinging words at each other. They hit below the belt. They re-hatched old issues, old fights, old honest mistakes, etc. Anything under the sun, they did to each to each other, you name it, they re-hatched it in the restaurant. They got loud and got the attention of the other couples. Typical…

Sad, Dre left to go freshen up in his own words. In the bathroom, he met an old white man who was the bathroom attendant. This man picked up on the big night, big fight thing as he had been in his position for years and seen many, many valentine’s blood baths at the restaurant. He went on and introduced Dre to a crowd of men also in the same position as Dre. They ranged from White men to a South Asian (Indian guy probably). They introduce themselves like a participant of group therapy would and brushed on their problems. At the advice of the old white man, they realized that they could still have special sex on Valentine ’s Day even though the odds were already against all of them. He just had to apologize and take the blame. So the supporting bromance grouped up and started to chant “We want sex!” “We want sex!”

Confident that he had it all figured, Dre marched out of the restroom head high and a new swag found.

Bow, back at the table, almost ate all of her neighbor short ribs while and out to dismantle the romantic vibe the white couple had before she pitched in. She turned the engaged woman against her fiancé by telling her all the horrors her husband did over the years that pissed her off. When this woman complained about Bow eating all her food when she only suggested that she could taste it, Bow replied that the short ribs should had been hers to begin with remorseless. This is where her youngest daughter the twin is getting it from. The latent psychopath below the layers in her mother is what that little girl is brewing.

As parents, we have to be careful because our children watch what we do and they repeat.

Anyways, as soon as Dre sat down, she apologized to him out of nowhere. Dre’s ego shot up to the sky and demanded more. Greedy! That enraged her because she did it for the sake of their evening, not because she thought she was at fault.

Often times, we don’t take simple apologies as little as they may be when it took a lot of courage for the person apologizing to apologize or to be the bigger person for the sake of religion and love. We need to be more considerate in our relationships and see these little acts of kindness as big actions.

Dre continued to gloat and deviated from the restroom plan. This resulted in the bromance spread across the restaurant at their tables to label him an idiot which he was.

When Dre and Rainbow got home, each of them went their way.

Back at the house, the little psychopath girl got a behavior makeover from her siblings. They taught her how to be nice to people with her words which was a challenging thing for her because she normally has no filters. She says it how it is. Dre mad at the other three asked them to fix his baby girl to her normal self.

Then he went to reconcile with his wife. Then, she told him how she planned on asking him if he thought she should change. She had a vision that he would had probably said no because she looked awesome and she would felt good about herself and not fuss the whole evening ending in the two making awesome love.

But that didn’t happen, by the time they realized they should have capitalized on couple time, the night was over. This happens a lot! Married folks get mad at each other for reasonable and unreasonable things. They part ways and when one dies, or a tragic accident happens to one, they wished they didn’t stay mad at each other and made peace when they had the chance.

So, as she walked to the bedroom exhausted from the energy she had to harvest to be and stay mad, Dre complimented her junk in the trunk and that was it! Make up sex was in the air and some sexual healing too!

In conclusion, this episode was a reminder to myself first and a reality check. As women, we should stop assuming that things will always happen like in the past. Sometimes, we should turn a blind eye for the sake of a good time with our spouses.

Now, just because I advise on love and relationships, doesn’t mean that there is no arguments in my household. I’m human. I hope you enjoyed the read! May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) always bless our unions with love and understanding, amiin!

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar

About Papatia

Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She now works from home at alhamdullilah. You can visit her website at or her sister's website
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