The Muslimah and Her House’s Cleanliness


Our beloved prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said, “The religion is based on cleanliness.”

Long time ago, there was a non-Muslim doctor that went to the city of our Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). He waited and waited for patients to come to him, and noone came. Then, he went and ask our prophet (Peace be Upon Him) why nobody is coming to get medicine or to be examined. Our prophet  told him that he will wait for a long time because, we, Muslims are clean people. It is true when you are clean, sickness does not come your way. My third mother is a Physician ;).

Furthermore, during the time of the Ottoman empire, non-Muslims were shocked to know that we Muslims wash our hands before and after eating.

“Food is blessed when one washes his hands before and after it.” (Tirmidhi) True, the food is blessed, but it is also a cleanliness matter.

We have to be “ambassadors of Muslims” wherever we go or stay. So, how do I handle my home with my challenging schedule to reflect on this Sunnah tradition?

It is very simple, I don’t know how I do it but I always overcome it, Alhamdulillah 🙂

Before we leave in the morning for work (we carpool), I try to organize the house. One of my biggest fear is leaving my home in a mess and someone coming after me to see it. “What if I never make it back home today?” always hangs in the back of my head so to avoid this bothersome worry, I tidy up my home as I go! 

Also, the main reason I keep my home clean when I leave is because it is Sunnah, and I want Rahem (Allah’s mercy or abundance) angels to visit my home :).

So, after Fadjr, I take a shower, dress, and make the bed. I go in the kitchen and start packing breakfast and lunch. Most of the time, the hubby will help with this task. It is also Sunnah for the whole family to help with house chores. I straighten up the couches, wipe the tables, and put the flowers in place ;).

On the way to work, I read and attempt to do some homework. All this while chatting with the hubby. Multi-tasking at its best, hehe :p.

At work, I study or walk during lunch. Sometimes, I run errands. In my field of work, the first two weeks of the month are very busy so most of my homework gets down during the last two weeks of the month which helps me not worrying about studying at home.

In the car, on the way home, we chat about the day or I shut off my brain completely from work or school. This is our time. Then, when we get home from work (we carpool), I clean up quickly again and go to the kitchen.

Also when I am not being productive, I crash and my body reacts to it. So, I try to accomplish a lot before I start relaxing. So, I was saying after the shower,  I dress up and head for the kitchen. I pray Zhur and Asr at work so when I get home I am not taking “3 pills” at the same time. We don’t do it with medication so we should not do it prayer, it will hurt us in the Akhirat.

I cook once or twice a week. I used to cook everyday and realized it was not a good idea. Even my spouse told me that his mother who is a stay home mother does not cook everyday. I find that hard to believe because she is rocking above 50 years old, and she is always in the kitchen making something :). She is a chef and a lovely lady masha’Allah (cakes, desserts, etc).

But I agree that she stores a lot of meals in the freezer that she keeps for us when we visit. I also tell her that she cooks too much, and she replies “No, it was already made a few days ago. You are my children, and I need to feed you.” You would think that she would be comfortable sitting around and resting all day long. No, she finds joy in serving us without minding her old age. If she is not busy in the kitchen, praying, she exercise by walking a few miles to the park.

Before I met her, I was expecting an old overweight woman. How mean of me? She is very old-school hijabe and fit masha’Allah. I always pray that Allah rewards her for the goodness in her heart.

I had this idea that a woman was supposed to cook fresh meals everyday. Different situations call from different measures. We actually had a lot of arguments on this topic because I thought I was failing as a Muslimah because I was not cooking every single day! He reassured me that we need to finish what I cooked before I start being creative in the kitchen with another dish, lol! Only someone like me would complain about that, haha!

Anyways, I warm up the food and not using the microwave…I dip the different plates of food in boiling water. Weirdos right? I only use the microwave to defrost meat when I need it asap. Most of the time, I leave it out before going to work. 15 minutes in boiling water, it is good to serve! We eat and watch TV at the same time. After eating, we make duas, and I clean in a jiffy. Two persons, I can handle it ;).

After the genie cleaning, I attempt to blog when he is busy. I mimic his behavior. If he is free, we interact together. If he is not, this is my lucky card to study, take a test, quiz, a hobby, write, blog, etc :). With the Football season, my out-of-jail free card is in full effect! ;). Having said that, he is very understanding when it comes to my studying and work ^_^ Alhamdulilah.


Now, most Sundays are made for real and deep cleaning. I do the laundry, vacuum, etc.
How do you dear sisters balance the organization of your home and anything that may be going on in your personal life :)? Any insights and advices would be greatly appreciated. I really struggled before getting the hang of balance. Having said, getting another side of the story may help me become even more efficient.

Jazak’Alllah Khair!

Papatia Feauxzar,

Author of “Between Sisters, SVP”


About Papatia

Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She now works from home alhamdullilah. You can visit her website at or her sister's website
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  1. A writer from the East says:

    Very very interesting, I just came here and found this refreshing post so enjoying reading it 🙂

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