Embarking on My Life Dream That is Writing About Romance


Do I have a clue? I want to believe I do!

When I wrote my silly spicy romantic novel, I had no idea that there was a diversity of literature on Islamic intimacy out there. I am now discovering it, and it is quite insightful. People have this idea that Muslim women are oppressed when it comes to their sexuality and their intimacy with their partners. This is so wrong!

From experience, it is quite the opposite. A Muslim woman is supposed to satisfy her needs and those of her husband. Having said, he should not be a lust object for her and vice-versa. The scripture mandates that everything be done within moderation. As long as the relationship is Halal, partners can copulate at will!

You want him just for yourself? Be creative, be attentive, be respectful and he will return the favor kindly. Who says only men have to be romantic? Surprise him. Go shop for lingerie! They love that. Before closed doors, be chaste at all times. Behind closed doors, blow his mind :)!

Did you have any pre-conceived notions of the muslim woman? Share your thoughts

Papatia Feauxzar

Author of “Between Sisters, SVP
couple 2

About Papatia

Papatia Feauxzar is an Author and Muslim Publisher who holds a Master's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. She now works from home at https://hhaccountingsvcs.webs.com/ alhamdullilah. You can visit her website at www.djarabikitabs.com or her sister's website www.fofkys.com
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